Influencer Marketing: How the cooperation with influencers looks

A campaign with the use of influencer support can be an excellent complement to other promotional activities for the brand or product, especially as consumers are becoming more and more “resistant” to classic advertising formats. They often spontaneously ignore graphic advertising – a phenomenon known as banner blindness. Support from opinion leaders allows to reach the offer in a less invasive way, and at the same time more accessible to a specific group of recipients, which are Internet users. So who are the influencers?

Influencer – is a person or a group (usually the first), who through their activity in the media (mainly on the Internet), create an opinion about a product/service by reaching a wide range of recipients. The way and convention of this message is arbitrary. The most common form of communication of an influencer is a blog registered under a unique address or using one of the available blog systems. This is why they are popularly called bloggers.

Let’s call a Vlogger someone who shares his or her opinion with the world by means of a live video or edited video blog.

In order to increase the reach of viewers, influencers usually use social media, although there are also those who actively work exclusively in them – e.g. Instagram.

Is it worth cooperating with influencers?

The potential of cooperation with influencers grows with the more and more common Internet, the growing number of users using smartphones and the number of companies that want to exist on the Internet. You can find opinions about products/services from almost every industry. Cosmetics, jewelry, opinions about hotels, culinary, children, fashion, possibilities are unlimited. Appropriate selection of an influencer allows you to reach a specific target group, and therefore increases the probability of selling or achieving the intended goal (acquiring leads, increasing the audience of the website, etc.).

Influencer will help to build product awareness. Regardless of whether you are entering the market with a new brand, want to show new products in your offer or are looking for a new advertising channel – sooner or later you should consider cooperation with influencers.

Different people have different views on the same topic. Each influencer has its own unique way of describing, expressing and presenting the product. So you can expect many views and reviews on the same topic. Remember this and do not limit yourself to one name but diversify your way of communication.

Support for positioning. Nothing helps positioning as well as effective content marketing. Unique product description from a popular domain and a link to your website. What more do you want?

How to choose the right influencer?

A good influencer is one that presents its product in an interesting way. Pay attention to the pictures he used to present the product/service – this will definitely allow you to predict what you can expect from the cooperation with a given person. Pay attention to the descriptions or the way of speech during the review. It may happen that reviews will be accompanied by offensive words or aggressive messages.

Don’t forget the background. Look at what current reviews are combined with – maybe it is a combination of several products in one review? Maybe the circumstances of the review will be inappropriate or maybe the style of being an influencer may cause controversy when reviewing your product? Remember. Plan your communication strategy well in cooperation with influencers.

Where to find the influencer for your campaign?

It is also common practice to write emails, but by doing so, it is easy to be ignored, missed, spammed or simply forgotten. Very good results are brought by remembering about oneself, i.e. follow-up. Recipients who receive a lot of messages often assume that since they have not answered someone and the sender does not mention it is a sign that the matter was not very important. A reminder message is able to increase the probability of receiving an answer even several times.

A good way to reach influencers is also using Influencer Marketing Software such as Reachbird. It is a platform where the influencers and brand managers meet. It is a great tool as it makes the finding process much easier. You can look for the influencers in the suitable niche, check the cooperation conditions, the audience they can reach and the engagement of the followers. If you find the right influencer for your brand, you just have to contact them and discus further cooperation.