Food Trucks: Much more than just a sausage stand on wheels

Once again a food trend has swept over from USA to Europe. So-called Food Trucks have been attracting American gourmets from Los Angeles, to New York, & Co. for some time now. Now they are also conquering the major German cities. In the rolling mini restaurants there is so much more than just another developed mobile snack stall. Find out what makes Food Trucks so unique and why we believe that they will soon be part of the street scene.

In Germany there are several hundred vehicles serving food, and new vehicles are coming from season to season. In the United States – the country where cars with food were born on New York construction sites – there are tens of thousands of them, in France and Great Britain – several thousand each. The value of the American truck food business alone is estimated at over 1.2 billion dollars and is still growing.

The recipe for success

The secret of its success lies in the freshly prepared food made from first-class ingredients that fascinates even the most demanding gourmets. All social classes use the food truck, from workers to employees to managers. The trucks often serve dishes with restaurant quality at relatively low prices. Most of the time specialised in a particular dish, such as burgers or gourmet-style tacos. The more imaginative the creations, the better they will be received. Food truck fans are thrilled by the exciting taste experiences.

Where to find them

Food truck operators usually announce the current location via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The mobile snack bars need a permit, so they can’t just be on the roadside without a permit. The alternative is private parking for large companies, weekly markets, festivals and street festivals.

Food Trucks for private parties

They are not only suitable for street sale. Food truck rental as a catering option for private events is the latest party trend. For example: if you are planning a birthday party, a wedding or a company party, renting a food truck can be the perfect solution for catering for your physical well-being. Not only do your guests enjoy delicious culinary delights, but the organisation and execution is also completely being taken care of, so that you can experience the event yourself without stress. In fact, the Food Truck Team takes care of the preparation, the execution and the tidying up and you don’t have to move a finger. In Germany for example, you can already rent them at

Food truck as a business idea

Truck food is becoming more and more popular every year. Running a company on four wheels has many advantages. First of all, we reach where our customers are at the moment, thanks to which we are more likely to be successful. Secondly, setting up such a business costs less than opening your own restaurant or café.Besides, having your own food truck is a big investment, which can pay for itself even during one spring-summer season. It is an excellent option for people who have a passion for cooking and a good business idea. Although it cannot do without hard work, with a bit of luck you can achieve success. In addition to the high quality of the services offered, nice service and good taste, it is also important to skillfully promote their products, especially on the Internet and social media.