Best photocopiers in Sydney

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A photocopier is basically an electronic machine that can make copies of images as well as documents. At one time photocopiers were single-function devices. But nowadays, enterprise-grade photocopiers are networked and perform multiple types of functions. They are available in either desktop or free-standing models. For your home and small businesses use, photocopying is usually paired with scanning, printing as well as faxing capabilities in a multifunction peripheral (MFP) device. We are now offering photocopier sales in Melbourne where you can get your desired photocopier.

Most of the photocopiers utilize xerography, which is a duplication technology based on electrostatic charges. This technology was developed by Xerox. For many years, photocopying was referred to informally as ‘’xeroxing’’.

Features of a photocopier

Photocopiers usually sit at the heart of almost every kind of business throughout Australia. They can offer you various kinds of features that can help you to improve your workflows and efficiencies in your workplace. photocopiers have continuously evolved in order to become the sophisticated devices they are at present, and able to offer a wide variety of features in addition to photocopying.

Best photocopiers in Sydney


The basic function of a photocopier is that it can produce paper copies of any document. Many of the photocopiers utilize laser technology, a dry process that can use electrostatic charges on a light-sensitive photoreceptor to transfer toner onto a paper to make an image. Photocopiers can be either full cover devices or can be mono. If you only wanted to reproduce typed documents with very simple logos and without any kind of pictures, then it is highly recommended you may need a mono device, but if you want to make photocopies which can include complex logos, illustration as well as photographs, then we recommend you to buy a color photocopier. You can buy either of them on photocopier sales Melbourne.

The modern types of photocopiers offer you many other things rather than only photocopying. They are basically multifunction devices that are able to scan and print as standard with the option of faxing as well. the best part is they can save your office space as these are combined into one device. they also save your money as you don’t have to invest money in buying multiple devices, the toner which runs each of the devices and also the electricity to power them individually.

Enlarging/ reducing

One of the major benefits of a photocopier is its resizing functionality. You can easily reduce a large image to a smaller size so that it can fit into a letter-sized document. An additional feature is that you can enlarge text pages with a small font so that it can be easily read.