Hand Global Solution Provides The Best Enterprise Cloud Solution

Hand global solutions (HAND), is a trusted and leading enterprise solutions service provider. It has global offices in China, Japan, and Singapore. Hand Global solutions have completed over 20,000 SAP and Oracle-related projects together. Our team presence is in 89 countries in the world and we have more than 6000 successful clients.

with our Oracle enterprise cloud solution hand Global solution has a good number of experience in implementing ERP cloud solutions. In Asia, the hand enterprise solution is recognized as the best SAAS ERP solution in the world.

Hand global Solutions is also a platinum partner of Oracle and provides Oracle consulting services for clients in Singapore. All our customers are from a variety of industries that include electrical, automotive, machinery, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, telecom, insurance, financial services, and e-commerce. We have delivered over 80 live Oracle cloud projects and are still counting.

enterprise cloud solution

Our enterprise cloud solution was designed to improve the Oracle experience for clients. Hap is a platform that contains lots of components that are used for creating add-ons to optimize the usage of Oracle.

It has two main benefits.

  • lower subscription costs and improve competitiveness.
  • the best flexibility for developing enhancement options for Oracle platform usage

Yan platform for cloud service management.

The Yan Cloud is an intelligent cloud platform built by hand. This product is very good for efficient and low-cost operation. It is also best for knowledge management.

The following are the key modules of this management.

Knowledge management is combined with machine learning. Yan Cloud provides a chatbot that is very good for learning and creating FAQ knowledge and base.

Monitoring and reporting of hand global solutions.

Hand Global Solutions is a leading enterprise solutions service provider that is committed to providing enterprise solutions.

Hand’s service is for overall enterprise information application, saas, consulting, and implementation.

The hand global solution is also the world’s leading SAP partner. we always develop and deploy market-leading software. hand has also fulfilled the requirement of getting the bizsafe level 3 certificate by the workplace safety and health council.

Hand global solution is continuously improving to provide the best enterprise cloud solutions. hand global solution has created its name for best enterprise cloud solutions. hand global solution understands the requirement and necessity and then creates the best enterprise solution that comes with the latest technology and features.