HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card: Review, Pros, and Cons           

If you have ever owned a Credit Card, you already know that it is an excellent way of shopping and making payments without the need to make any upfront payment or carry around any cash. It indeed has become a necessity to park a Credit Card in your wallet.

Besides, leading Credit Cards such as the HDFC Freedom Credit Card help you enjoy added benefits such as reward points, discounts, cash backs, and flyer miles, making it all the more rewarding to user them day in and day out! To help you reap even more benefits, the modern era is marked by the advent of co-branded credit cards. These cards depict the convergence of two distinct brands, with the objective of creating awareness about the brand while also accentuating the perks enjoyed by the consumers.

One such co-branded credit card which has gained immense popularity amongst online shoppers in the recent past is the HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card. As the name suggests, this card depicts the coming together of the leading bank of the nation– HDFC Bank as well as the leading online shopping portal – Snapdeal.

Let us take a quick look at the various aspects pertaining to this incredibly shoppers’ friendly Credit Card.

HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card– Benefits

Some of the most prominent benefits that can be enjoyed using this specialised HDFC Credit Card are:

  • A welcome Snapdeal Voucher worth Rs. 2,000 to be used within the first 30 days of the card setup.
  • A bonus of 500 rewards points on payment of Joining Fees.
  • An opportunity to earn 2 reward points on every Rs. 150 spent using the card.
  • The convenience of opting for EasyEMI Option on big-ticket purchases.
  • The convenience of e-wallet loading transactions.
  • Flat 5% instant discount on spends on Snapdeal (
  • 10X Reward Points on transactions done on Snapdeal, i.e. 20 Reward Points on every Rs. 150 spent on using the card.
  • Enhanced safety through Chip Card.
  • Zero Lost Card Liability, if the loss or theft is reported immediately, at the 24-hour call centre of HDFC Bank.
  • Revolving Credit facility at a nominal interest rate.
  • Up to 50 days of the interest-free period from the date of purchase.
  • A waiver on the renewal fee of Rs.500, on spending Rs. 1,50,000 or more in a year using the card.

Some of the aspects worth noting down regarding this card are:

  • Reward Points are valid for a period of 2 years from the date of accumulation.
  • Facilities like EasyEMI and e-Wallet Loading transactions, do not accrue Reward points.
  • When a retail transaction is converted to SmartEMI plan, the accrued reward points get reversed.
  • Insurance transactions related reward points are capped at 2,000 points per transaction.
  • Rewards Points can only be earned on retail purchases and not on cash advance fees, fuel transactions and other charges.
  • Reward Points are only awarded on transactions worth Rs. 150 or more.
  • The card can be availed for a nominal annual membership fee of Rs. 500 + GST. The same can be renewed for a fee of Rs. 500 +GST.


In order to be eligible for the coveted HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card –

  • the applicant must be a salaried employee, between the age of 21 to 60 years.
  • the self-employed, businessmen should be between the age of 21 to 65 years.

HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card– Pros

As you may have understood by now, the HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card entails a wide variety of advantages, the most prominent of which are:

  1. Reward Points Redemption

Customers can redeem their Reward Points for exciting gifts from the exclusive HDFC MyRewards Catalogue. Besides, one can also choose to redeem these points against Snapdeal Vouchers at the applicable redemption rate.

  1. Balance Transfer

In case, a customer has more than just 1 Credit Card and wish to consolidate the outstanding balance; s/he can easily do so by transferring the balance to their HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card.

  1. Loan Against Credit Card

A customer can get in touch with the HDFC Bank Phone Banking Executives to check their eligibility for a loan against the HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card. If the eligibility criteria checks out, the customer can conveniently avail the loan facility.

  1. Easy EMI

HDFC Bank enjoys tie-ups with a wide base of merchants, which enables it to offer Easy Monthly Instalments (EMIs) on big-ticket purchases using the HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card.

  1. Add-On Card

In case a customer wishes to help one or more members of their family to enjoy the benefits of the HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card, they can do so by availing one or more Add-On Cards.

HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card- Cons

As is the case with all things good and profitable, HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card comes with certain limitations, such as the ones listed below:

  1. Redemption Charges

To redeem the Reward Points on the Snapdeal website, a customer needs to pay a redemption fee of Rs. 75.

  1. Interest Rate

The outstanding balances on HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card attract an interest rate of 41.88% per annum, which is relatively higher when compared to similar co-branded cards.

We hope that you now know all about this highly sought-after Credit Card which will not only help you reap multiple benefits on your online shopping but will also ensure that you can enjoy a wide array of banking facilities.