Tackle Discrimination

How To Tackle Discrimination In Workplace?

Growing up, we often hear the word discrimination. By theoretical definition, discrimination means treating a certain group of people differently than others, based on their gender, race, caste, ethnicity, color etc. One can find this evil phenomenon in almost all aspects of life. Discrimination in workplace against adults, discrimination in schools, against young children, discrimination in extra curricular opportunities etc. Certain places have strict measures to tackle internal discrimination, while some turn a mere blind eye against them. Unfortunately, the state of our society is such, that in certain corporations, the top level officials actually promote discrimination based on their false beliefs. In older society, discrimination could be seen rather Audaciously in our society, whereas it is rather concealed today. However, one should not think that just because they cannot see discrimination, it is not there.

discrimination in the workplace

What is discrimination and how you should tackle it around you?

When it comes to discrimination, the world has evolved to a great extent. It might not show itself in a very shameless snd obvious forms, however certain subtle hints of discrimination still prevail. This phenomenon is especially common in some parts. The most common among them, has to be discrimination in the workplace. Discrimination in a person’s working place, happens when they are biased against on certain factors , that have absolutely no impact on a person’s proficiency at all. Women often face the most discrimination in workplaces, especially pregnant or married women. They are refrained from getting any top positions in a company, because it is believed that once they start a family, they shall not be able to focus on their professional career. This is a completely false narrative, which forces extremely talented and capable women in various fields, to remain underappreciated and less efficient. Not only this, but because of these double standards and discrimination, women who are young and have no plans of starting a family in the foreseeable future, are also deprived of opportunities.

If looked closely, discrimination can be found by you, in almost every sphere of life. However, when that happens, we must not turn a blind eye and actually take stern measures to bring about a change in the system. You must think what can you, as an individual do. However, you must not get disheartened and remember that it is, only with individual effort that collective change,  in the society as a whole can be bought.