Important Concerns You Must Check When Choosing A Dehumidifier

The room dehumidifier plays a vital role in maintaining the proper level of humidity in the office and preventing problems, from damage to furniture and other products in the office to various health problems. Therefore, if you are also considering purchasing a room dehumidifier for your office, you will need to check some things to make sure you get the right one that meets your requirements.

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Device size: you must select an industrial dehumidifier according to the large room where it will be installed. The size of the device will give you an idea of ​​the amount of air you can process and, therefore, a larger size will mean better processing capacity.

Changes in air per hour: according to dehumidifier manufacturers, this determines how often air will circulate through the device. Therefore, if the humidity in your office is very high, choosing the device with a higher ACH value would be a better option. To give you an idea of ​​what level of ACH is appropriate for your office, let’s look at some examples.

Let’s suppose that the humidity of your office is close to 90%, then you should look at the appliances with ACH 6.

For 80% and 70% humidity, you will have to choose devices with ACH 5 and 4, respectively.

Finally, in the case of 60% humidity in any room, ACH 3 is considered appropriate.

Type of device: On Luftentfeuchter Vergleich, there are two different types of these devices available to dehumidifier manufacturers, one of which is called a dehumidifier and the other is known as a mechanical.

The difference between them is that the dehumidifier is enough for rooms with low humidity and has no compressor, while the mechanics are suitable for humidity in your office. They have heating, as well as cooling coils for condensation, as well as to heat the air inside the room.

Energy consumption: according to the suppliers of the dehumidifier, you must verify the rating of your Energy Star when you buy an industrial dehumidifier, since devices with this rating consume 15% less energy than conventional ones. Other advantages of buying these devices with a star rated energy is that they have better cooling coils, as well as compressors, which provide greater energy efficiency.

Another thing you can verify is the energy factor, a higher value indicates that the device can remove more water from the air in kilowatt-hours and is measured as L / kWh.

Fan operation: Generally, there are two types of suppliers for a dehumidifier fan, one of which operates continuously and the other only during the dehumidification operation. Ideally, look for devices in which the fan runs continuously, as this helps improve air circulation.