Reasons behind the up move of NASDAQ AMD over the years

Reasons behind the up move of NASDAQ AMD over the years

If a user is looking for the preeminent gaming processor or the best central processing unit for desktop applications, the user should buy from either AMD or Intel. For this reason, the company is a good buy for the long term. For this chipmaker, this is an incredible turning point, and just four years ago it was on the verge of bankruptcy. As it continues to undermine the entrenched Intel ten years later, its transformation is even more impressive. The Ryzen 5000 product line is based on the one-step behind the generation of leading mobile processors, including high-performance processors and processors of U-series.

Results of NASDAQ AMD

Adjusted earnings per share were 41 cents and sales were $ 2.8 billion. Analysts expect the company to earn revenue of more than $ 2.50 billion. AMD’s annual revenue grew by 128%, while sales grew by 56%. AMD is expected to receive about $ 3 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter. Analysts expect the company’s sales in the second quarter to reach $ 2.62 billion. AMD’s sales in the last quarter amounted to 2.13 billion dollars. Analysts believe that AMD should benefit from healthy sales of personal computers and game consoles this holiday season. To add more information, a bank in Singapore also agrees with this, saying that chip shortage is becoming less severe. zmat trh


In addition to announcing further semiconductor integration, NASDAQ AMD at also released quarterly results that exceeded the highest and lowest expectations. The company reported adjusted earnings per share of 41 cents, and revenue increased more than 55% to $ 2.8 billion. AMD also said it forecasts revenue growth in 2020 of about 41% compared to the previous forecast of 32%.

NVIDIA and AMD have many positive factors for promoting their business, and these factors can raise stock prices. Even after strong growth in 2020, the massive acquisition of cryptocurrency miners combined with the already high demand in the video game market makes these two growth stocks worth pursuing.

In addition to mobile processors, the HX series processors also provide first-class performance for gamers, while the HS processors provide powerful H-series features in a thinner factor. . Compared to the past generation product, the new AMD Ryzen 9 5980HX processor has a 23% increase in multi-threaded feat and a 17% increase in multithreaded performance2, making it a decent solution for laptops.

The relationship between AMD and Intel is determined by a sharp change of roles. AMD dragged Intel into the PC market for a long time and was liquidated after a reduction in computer sales. However, under the leadership of Lisa Su returned. If you want to know more information relating to releases of AMD, you can check at