The Need for a Private investigator

The Need for a Private investigator

As most people assume, hiring a private investigator is not about identifying a crime or searching for criminals, it’s much more subtle than that, and people often don’t understand the reason for a private investigator. First of all, hiring a private investigator is not a crime or invasion of privacy and is legitimate.

 The private investigator’s job is to closely watch the subject, do a background check, and report their findings. Let us understand the circumstances one might need the help of a private investigator.

When do we need a Private Investigator?

The services of private Investigators are availed both by individuals and organizations for various needs.

Background Checks

If your organization is looking forward to hiring someone, especially someone at a higher position, background checks are necessary. This is time-consuming and tedious work as they have to check for criminal records, medical history, credibility, and conduct in their previous firms or associations. Background checks can also be conducted when hiring a maid or a babysitter.

You can also verify your tenants and your future spouses to ensure they are what they claim to be.

Asset Searches

These are carried out if you doubt financial thefts or frauds in your organization or a competing organization. This can also be done on your ex-spouses if you have a case filed on colossal alimony.

Missing Person Investigation

When a dear one is missing, we cannot waste precious time. Finding them sooner is better. Therefore, hiring a private detective who makes your case a high priority is essential. Also, if your loved one has left you in a fit of rage, or you want to find a deranged son or a daughter, a private investigator might be of great help.

Document Scrutiny

Documents submitted when seeking a job, renting a house, or buying a property can be forged easily. Being a common folk, it is not always possible for you to identify them. Therefore, document scrutiny, trailing it with the registration and government records, can be helpful.


Not all marriages or relationships are founded on true love. Suppose you doubt your spouse’s activities and are worried that there might be a chance of being cheated on. In that case, you can hire a private detective who will clarify your doubt by trailing and observing the activities of your spouse anonymously. They also provide you with proof that can be helpful in the time of divorce and child custody.


These are only some areas where you can avail the services of private detectors. If you are looking for licensed private detectives, who would keep your identity discreet at all points of time, then look no further than Catch Cheating Private Investigators. They are the best private investigator out there in Singapore.