Why is using LVL timber in construction the best?

LVL beams must be on your top list when looking for engineered wood beams for your home project. They are a durable engineered wood product that can stabilize heavy loads, but that is not the only advantage of using LVL beams for your project. There is a guide that helps you become familiar with the building option.

LVL is a laminated veneer lumber beam where it is a used engineered wood product. It is a fact that LVL beams are used in every room when you are building a home. The LVL beam is constructed using thin layers of wood with an adhesive. Many types of wood are used to make LVL beams, most of which are made from spruce, pine, acacia, rubber trees, and eucalyptus. You must know why LVL timber is the best choice for construction projects.

Flexible in design

Architects and engineers use LVL timber because of its consistent and predictable performance. This consistency allows them to make the correct design calculations and create the best design for the wood.

Easy to install

Because of its lightweight and uniformity,  LVL timber is easier to manage and install than heavy steel beams. This will lessen labor costs and give you faster construction timelines, which is ideal when you aim for the deadline.

Good sourcing

LVL timber is made using fast-growing plantation trees, which helps to lessen the strain on natural forests. The manufacturing process includes using more timber logs to reduce solid wood waste.

Protected from decay and moisture

LVL timber helps lessen moisture-related problems and decay compared to traditional wood. The adhesive used during production gives it another layer of protection from environmental factors affecting the wood’s strength.

Load bearing capacity

The LVL timer’s manufacturing process includes layers of veneer and superior load-bearing capabilities. It can manage any heavy loads and is ideal to use as beams, headers, and long spans in other projects you have.


Most engineers and architects use LVL timber because it is ideal for load-bearing applications. It lessens any natural defects in the wood, giving it excellent structural integrity and reducing the risk of warping or bending.

Protected from fire

When you start to use LVL timber, it is safe to do so because it can protect your property in case of a fire. When there is a fire, it maintains its structural integrity for quite a long time. Compared to conventional wood, it gives extra time for firefighting and evacuation efforts.


LVL timber might be expensive compared to traditional wood, but the longer spans can lessen the need for additional support. This helps lower maintenance expenses, giving long-term cost savings.

Because of its benefits, LVL timber is used mainly in the construction industry. Choosing LVL timber to give your construction a modern look is better, as it offers sustainability and flexibility. When you incorporate the engineered wood product, builders can make efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly structures that can last a long time. You must know the potential of LVL timber and improve your construction effort to new heights.