Why Signup For A OCBC Booster Account

OCBC booster is in leverage highest interest rate savings account offered by OCBC bank.  The account gives you the privilege to earn the best return ever on your savings.  New account holders have the chance to enjoy the huge range of amazing banking facilities. After signing up, you will as well be entitled to MEPs fee waiver for your initial 2 withdrawals for two months. New account holders don’t need to worry about their funds being put on hold as savings on new accounts cannot be placed on hold.  Those who sign up for an OCBC booster account are assured of enjoying 2 awesome profit rates. These are; the base 3.25% p.a. interest for savings above RM30, 000 and great bonuses of 1.20% p.a.

Two Kinds of OCBC booster Interests

OCBC booster account holders have the privilege to enjoy two sorts of interests which include:

  • Base Interest—it’s an interest you accumulate each day depending on your day-end balance. Your total interest amount is usually processed at the end of the month.
  • Wealth bonus—it’s an interest you accumulate on the first RM50, 000 on your daily account balance. The interest accrued from this kind of interest is processed on the 14th day of the next month.

How and Where Can I Withdraw My OCBC Booster Savings

Once you have created an OCBC booster account and deposited some money, you can always withdraw your savings whenever you feel like as long as it is not below the withdrawable amount.  OCBC booster account holders can withdraw their savings from all OCBC Group operated ATMs in Singapore and Malaysia free of charge. Account holders can as well withdraw their savings from all ATMs under the MEPS network.

How TO Qualify for the Wealth Bonus

Not every OCBC booster account holder qualifies for the wealth bonus. It’s only account holders whose minimal savings are above RM50, 000 are qualified for these bonuses. Your earned wealth bonus is often processed after the first month you reach the minimum amount.  You can withdraw your wealth bonus after 12 months of saving.

How To Know When My Wealth Bonus Is Paid Out

Once your wealth bonus is processed, it will automatically reflect on your statements both on your mobile banking and online banking transactions history. In the event you deactivate your account before the accreditation of the wealth bonus, the wealth bonus of your previous month won’t be processed.


Not everybody is eligible for an OCBC booster account. For anyone to successfully create an OCBC booster account, they must meet the set criteria. For of all, they should be Malaysian residents and be in possession of Malaysian identification documents. Non-residents can still apply but must prove to be Malaysian residents. Anyone looking to create an OCBC booster account should as well be at least 18 years of age. Anyone below this age is not eligible. Even if they successfully create an account, such accounts are subject to closure any time since they are a violation of the set terms and conditions. Also, for your account to be active after the signup process, you must deposit at least RM500.