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Marine Boiler Blowing-Down Procedure

Boilers are critical pieces of equipment on any vessel, providing heat and steam for a variety of applications. Despite their importance, boilers are among the most dangerous pieces of shipboard machinery. It is critical to perform a variety of maintenance tasks on a regular basis, including blowing down the boiler, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your boiler.

The blow down of a Boiler Repair Spare Partsboiler is extremely beneficial in extending its working life.

Why Boiler blowdown?

The water that circulates inside the boiler tubes and drum contains Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) as well as other dissolved and undissolved solids.

Water is heated and converted into steam during the steam making process, i.e. when the boiler is in operation. These dissolved solids, however, do not evaporate and separate from water or steam, and they tend to settle at the bottom of the boiler shell due to their weight. This layer will prevent heat transfer between the gases and the water, eventually overheating the boiler tubes or shell.

Scaling, corrosion, and erosion are all caused by different dissolved and undissolved solids. Solid impurities will be carried over with the steam into the steam system, causing deposits on the heat exchanger surface where the steam is the primary heating medium.

To alleviate all of these issues, boiler blowdown is performed, which aids in the removal of carbon deposits and other types of impurities.

Boiler Blow Down Process

The boiler is blown down to remove two kinds of impurities: scum and bottom deposits. This means that blow down is done either for scum or for bottom blow down. Furthermore, the following factors contribute to boiler failure:

  1. To remove the precipitates that form as a result of the chemical addition to the boiler water.
  2. To clean the boiler water of solid particles, dirt, foam, or oil molecules. This is primarily accomplished through the use of a scum valve, and the process is known as “scumming.”
  3. To reduce water density by lowering the water level.
  4. In case of an emergency, to remove excess water.

The blowdown arrangement in a marine boiler is divided into two levels: the bottom level and the water surface level known as “scum blowdown.” As a result, when the bottom valve is used, the procedure is known as boiler blowdown, and when the Scum valve is used, it is known as “scumming.”

Depending on the type, design, automation, capacity, and characteristics of the boiler feedwater system, the boiler water blowdown can be accomplished in one of two ways:

●     Intermittent Or Manual Blowdown

Manual blowdown occurs when the boiler operator performs blowdown manually at regular intervals in accordance with the established operating program. This type of blowdown is beneficial in removing sludge or suspended solids from the boiler.

When there is an oil ingress in the boiler water as a result of a leak in the heat exchanger, this type of blowdown comes in handy. The oil on the water’s surface can be removed using manual scumming.

The primary disadvantage of manual blowdown is heat loss from hot water exiting the water drum. A small amount of water enters the blowdown because the valve is slightly opened. Even so, heat and pressure are lost in significant quantities.

●     Continuous Blowdown

Blowdown automation is now standard on many new boilers. It enables continuous boiler water blowdown, which aids in keeping dissolved and suspended solids within boiler operating limits. Continuous blowdown is the name given to this system.

The automation in this system continuously monitors the blowdown, which in turn checks the quality of feed water and the quality of water inside a boiler shell for dissolved and undissolved impurities. As a result, if the boiler water TDS exceeds the allowable operating limit, it will automatically open the blowdown valves.

Since the blowdown valves are precisely controlled, the water discharged from the blowdown removes the maximum amount of dissolved impurities from the boiler water while causing the least amount of heat and water loss, thereby maintaining boiler efficiency.

Most boilers with continuous blowdown automation are equipped with heat recovery systems, which means that the hot water from the boiler blowdown is first sent to a heat exchanger unit, which uses the heat of the water (for example, to preheat the feedwater by installing a heat exchanger or heat recovery equipment in the path) before it is discharged.

The blowdown system, whether manual, continuous, or automatic, will be determined by a variety of factors, and the blowdown valves will be outfitted with appropriate system accessories.

How to determine the blowdown percentage:

Quantity blowdown water/Quantity feedwater  X 100 = % blowdown

Procedure for Scumming and Bottom Blow Down

The procedure for blowing down the boiler using the blow down valve located at the bottom of the boiler is outlined below.

Note: Instead of blowing down the bottom, the scum valve must be opened to perform scumming.

The following are the steps in the blow down procedure:

When a modern boiler is steaming at high rates, it should never be blown down. When performing a blowdown, always open the shipside valve first, followed by the blowdown valve. In the event that a pipe bursts, the operator will have control.

  1. First, open the overboard or ship side valve.
  2. Turn on the blow down valve , which is a non-return valve.
  3. The blow down valve next to the boiler should be fully opened to avoid cutting the valve seat or the “Wire drawing effect.”
  4. The valve regulates the rate of blow down.
  5. Close the valve in reverse order after blowing it down.
  6. Even when all valves are closed, a hot drain pipe indicates a leaking blow down valve.

If the boiler is blown down for inspection, the firing must be stopped and the boiler allowed to cool. Allow natural cooling at atmospheric pressure by opening the boiler vent plug.

Ensure that the overboard valve (non-return) is properly functioning so that no seawater enters the boiler pipeline; otherwise, the sudden steam cooling will create a vacuum, resulting in a pipe burst.

When the boiler blowdown is finished, open the belly plug to remove the remaining content in the engine room bilges.

Make sure to perform a ‘Scum Blowdown’ before a ‘Bottom Blowdown,’ or else the scum will settle on the water surface or, if there is any oil content, it will be agitated, contaminating the boiler water.

Advantages Of Boiler Blowdown:

  • The regular blowdown of boiler water keeps the total dissolved solid impurities within the rated limits.
  • The process aids in corrosion prevention by removing impurities that speed up the corrosion process.
  • It aids in the prevention of scaling on boiler tubes and the internal surface.
  • It prevents impurities and contaminants from being carried over with the steam, resulting in pure steam.
  • It keeps the internal parts of the heat exchanger where pure steam is used as a heating medium from scaling.

Disadvantages of Boiler Blowdown:

●     If the procedure is not carried out correctly and on time, the blowdown of boiler water tends to increase heat and pressure losses.

●     Heat and pressure losses caused by boiler water blowdown reduce boiler efficiency.

●     Additional work hours required to complete the operation if the blowdown arrangement is manual.

Requirements and Regulation:

  • If there is visible oil sheen in the boiler gauge glass or hotwell inspection glass. Because the oil will be on the water’s surface, avoid scum blowdown at all costs, as this will result in oil pollution.
  • The oil leakage inside the boiler water must be stopped, and every effort must be made to clear the oil from the hotwell by filling it with freshwater and removing the oil-water.
  • Ensure that the operator is aware of the Vessel General Permit areas, that he or she is in compliance with Chapter 12 of the VGP, and that no wastewater from the boiler blowdown is discharged in the restricted areas other than for safety reasons.
  • The vessel must make certain that no boiler water is discharged into port waters as a result of boiler blowdown. This is due to the fact that the water contains various chemicals or other additives that are added to reduce impurities or prevent the formation of scale.
  • The blowdown of the boiler must be performed as far away from the shore as possible.
  • Before beginning the blowdown operation, the Master and the bridge duty officer must be notified.
  • The boiler blowdown procedure must be documented in the Engine Room Logbook, along with the starting and stopping times.
  • If the boiler blowdown or hot well water is transferred to the bilges, the ORB and engine room logbook must be updated.

Only under the following conditions can the boiler be blown down in territorial water or a harbour:

  • If the ship is entering dry dock, the boiler must be blown down.
  • For reasons of safety

How can boiler blowdown be minimised?

Boiler blowdown is estimated to account for 2-3% of total energy consumed during a typical boiler operation. As a result, reducing boiler blowdown has the potential to result in significant energy savings. There are several methods for reducing boiler blowdown, which are discussed further below.

Chemical Treatment

The primary goal of a boiler blowdown is to reduce dissolved impurities in the boiler water, which causes scale formation.

The formation of scale will directly cause heat transfer within the internal surface of the boiler, resulting in a decrease in boiler efficiency.

If the boiler water is tested on a regular basis and effectively treated using various chemicals in the hot well, the feed water will have fewer impurities and will be suitable for use.

The need for boiler blowdown will be reduced, resulting in water savings as well as a reduction in heat and pressure losses.

Boiler Water Blowdown Reduction

The water and fuel consumption of boiler water will increase as boiler blowdown increases. The manual blowdown system should be removed, and an automatic boiler water measurement and blowdown system should be installed.

As explained in the continuous blowdown system above, this system will effectively monitor impurities in the boiler and open the discharge blowdown valve as needed.


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How to use the wallet services and create a wax wallet?

If you are planning to enter the world of blockchain technology then you should follow the guidelines carefully. The eco-friendly options are available if you want to get access to the proven blockchain. The successful launch of the collectables can be identified by the users in the digital marketing exchanges. The wallet services are very useful for the users if they want to create a Wax wallet. If you want to log in to your account easily then you can provide the username and password. The best guidance is offered by our team so there is no need to compromise on the safety of the digital assets.

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Wax Wallet


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Press Release - Reasons Why It's Still Important For Businesses

Press Release – Reasons Why It’s Still Important For Businesses

Social media and various digital channels are currently some of the most effective avenues to reach the target audience for businesses. And when it comes to online marketing campaigns, a press release is still very effective. However, when it’s not done right, it could be a great mistake. This is where an online press release distribution service comes in. If you want to know whether or not your business can benefit from this, then read on.

Establish Credibility

Your target consumers must trust that you provide the products and services that they need. And most consumers, most importantly the media, think of press releases as a credible source of information and data. This is how brands earn the trust of their audience. And when they do, they also gain the attention of the media. That is why distributing accurate and timely press releases will help your brand build credibility over time. This is very helpful for start-ups and growing businesses.

online press release distribution service

Develop Positive Media Relationships

A press release is a great way to spark a conversation with a media reporter. And once you do, everything will follow. However, yours need to be catchy to be noticed. That is why working with a trusted press release service provider will ensure that yours is well-written and that the journalists will take notice and appreciate it.

Build Your SEO Traffic

Press releases that are written by experts in this field take into consideration the best practices of SEO to research algorithms to find a match with search engines. What you want is to be on top of the search results. That is why you must be careful in creating your press release. The search algorithms only notice well-written content.

Boost Consumer Engagement

And most importantly, a press release is a marketing strategy that will help boost your consumer engagement. Even though you are not directly interacting with them, social media and online news distributors can help get your press release out there and reach your untapped target audience, which is basically your main goal.

If you are looking for experts in the press release, then go ahead and check out newswire service. They specialize in the distribution of multimedia and multilingual press releases specifically to target journalists. Established in 2009, Media OutReach Newswire has the reputation when it comes to online press release distribution. It simply means that this is the name that you can trust for such services.

to win the Buy Box on Amazon

What is amazon buy box

Amazon was originally launched as an online bookstore in 1995. Since then, the company has expanded its product line to include electronics, food, toys and even cloud computing services.

Amazon is now a household name. As of 2021, Amazon has over 200 million Prime subscribers who pay $119 per year for free shipping on millions of items and access to Prime Video and Prime Music.

Amazon is a household name in the US. The company was originally founded as an online bookstore in 1995 by Jeff Bezos, who wanted to take advantage of the growing internet usage at the time.

Since then, the company has become one of the world’s largest ecommerce companies and expanded its product line to include electronics, food, toys and even cloud computing services.

What is Amazon Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is the box on a product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts. The Buy Box can only be won by sellers who meet performance-based requirements relating to customer service, price and availability, shipping speed, and fulfillment method.

Amazon Buy Box refers to a box that appears on the right-hand side of product listings.

Winning the Amazon Buy Box has a tremendous impact on a FBA seller’s sales and revenue.

The formula Amazon uses to decide which merchant wins the Buy Box is complex and changes constantly based on numerous factors. However, Amazon’s Buy Box formula ensures that only trusted, reliable companies, sellers win the Buy Box. As a seller, that’s an immense perk.

amazon buy box

How to win amazon buy box

The Amazon Buy Box is the box on a product detail page where shoppers start the purchase process by adding items to their shopping carts. In addition to being the most desired real estate for sellers on Amazon.

In order to win the Amazon Buy Box, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Registered as a Professional Seller

Active and in good standing

Have a high level of inventory performance and customer satisfaction metrics

Offer Prime shipping

Amazon determines who’s a trusted seller by reviewing these factors:

Order defect rate (ODR), which is based on orders that received negative feedback, an A-Z claim, or a carrier-credited return. This metric should be less than 1%.

Pre-fulfillment cancel rate, which is based on orders that were cancelled before shipment. This metric should be less than 2.5%.

Late shipment rate, which is based on orders that shipped more than 30 minutes past their promised ship time. This metric should be less than 4%.

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How set up an online forex trading account?

Can you believe that trading is actually a world-wide business. You have to choose the right broker, find out the money you need to trade with and then open the trading account. Next, you have to know how to open an account and fund it with money. You may also require a margin trading account, although this is not essential. You have to find out how to transfer funds forex deposit bonus into your account, how to place trades and what is the minimum you should have in your account at all times. Finally, you have to learn about the currency exchange rates, and how the rates work.

Trading foreign currency is not as easy as many people may think. You must have the skills, the knowledge and the experience to make it a reality.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to start trading forex online.

  1. Decide to trade forex online.

Firstly, you need to decide whether you are going to make a profit, or just make a bit of money. A profitable trader will be able to turn a profit in a few days, or months. You may be wondering, what is the difference between forex trading and regular currency trading. Well, the difference is that forex trading is a 24 hour business. It is an international market that works all over the world, from Europe to America and Asia. You can trade online at any time of the day or night. Currency trading, on the other hand, is limited to a specific trading time.

online forex trading

  1. Check the costs.

Now, you need to check the costs that will be charged to you. You must know the costs that the broker has to charge in order to make money. The cost that a broker charges is also the profit that the broker makes. Here is an example. The cost is $2 per transaction. But, if the broker makes $1 per transaction, then the broker is making a profit. This means that you will have to have at least $2 in your account at all times in order to trade. You must also consider the trading cost which is the transaction fee.

  1. Choose the right broker.

You will have to find out what kind of brokers are available and which broker is suitable for you. You must be aware of the different kinds of brokers available and know that the best kind of broker is the one that will give you the best deals and charges. A broker should be able to give you the best forex deposit bonus platform and give you a wide variety of trading tools. You must also consider the fees and charges of the broker before you sign up. You must also consider the commissions that you will have to pay.

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The Basics of Fundamental Analysis for Cryptocurrency Trading

If you want to trade cryptocurrency successfully, you need to understand the basics of fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating an asset by analyzing the economic, political, and social factors that affect its supply and demand.

In the cryptocurrency world, fundamental analysis is used to assess the long-term prospects of a coin or token. This is because crypto สอนเทรดคริปโต assets are often highly volatile and can be influenced by a variety of factors. By understanding the underlying factors that affect supply and demand, you can make more informed trading decisions.

Here are some of the key factors that you should consider when conducting a fundamental analysis of a cryptocurrency:

  1. Project fundamentals

When evaluating a cryptocurrency, you need to look at the underlying project. What problem does it solve? Is the team reputable and experienced? What is the roadmap? These are all important factors that can affect the long-term success of a project.

  1. Market conditions

You also need to assess the current market conditions. What is the overall market sentiment? Is the crypto asset currently in a bull or bear market? What is the trading volume? These factors can all affect the price of a coin or token.


  1. Regulatory environment

The regulatory environment is another important factor to consider. How friendly is the jurisdiction in which the project is based? What kind of regulations are in place? These factors can influence the demand for a cryptocurrency.

  1. Technology

The technology behind a cryptocurrency is also important. Is the blockchain secure and scalable? Does the project have a solid development team? These are all important factors that can affect the long-term success of a project.

By taking all of these factors into account, you can get a better understanding of the long-term prospects of a cryptocurrency. This will allow you to make more informed trading decisions and potentially profit from the price movements of these assets.

How to conduct a fundamental analysis of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency trading is a popular way to earn money and it has been gaining popularity in recent years. Many people are attracted to this type of trading because it offers the potential to make quick and profitable trades. However, before you start trading cryptocurrencies สอนเทรดคริปโต, it is important to understand the basics of fundamental analysis.

There are a few things to keep in mind when doing fundamental analysis for cryptocurrency trading. First, it is important to remember that the underlying fundamentals of a coin can change over time. This means that what may be a good trade today may not be a good trade tomorrow.

Second, it is also important to keep in mind that different exchanges list different coins. This means that the price of a coin on one exchange may be different than the price on another exchange.

Finally, it is also important to remember that different people have different opinions about which coins are undervalued or overvalued. This means that it is important to do your own research before making any trades.

Despite these considerations, fundamental analysis can be a helpful tool for cryptocurrency trading. By using this type of analysis, you can identify which coins are undervalued and which are overvalued. This information can be used to make trades that are likely to be profitable.

innovation consulting firm

Innovation consultants Help in Productivity and Sustainability

To transform a business into a successful innovation company, management must understand the need for a structured innovation process, run it effectively, and adjust it. To get a head start, they can hire innovation consultants.

Innovative consulting firms are not uncommon, but you have to ask why they consult.

An innovation consulting company may have innovated their services, but they tell other people how to innovate beyond that. Companies invest heavily in innovation, but the latest offerings become obsolete in months. Consumer demand and purchasing behavior is changing rapidly. The easy availability of more options to compare and buy provides greater purchasing flexibility. Companies ‘ top priorities are identifying customer needs and making the necessary changes to new products.

When choosing an innovation consulting firm, it is imperative that you are convinced of your innovation success and how they make innovation work in your own company. Innovation consulting is of great help to most companies, especially those planning to launch new products or services, to know whether or not their products will work in the market.

Well, there are some external ideas for a more creative experience. Innovation consultants are professional business advocates who help small and large businesses grow through innovative ideas, products, services, and management. They specialize in all aspects of innovation, such as providing innovative advice on financial budgeting and good governance. Like any service offered in the business world, innovation consulting services are also designed to meet various innovation needs, from the simplest to the most complex.

innovation consulting firm

You can assess your company’s needs and your level of readiness to innovate. For example, they can determine the current flow of the advertising department. If they can find certain shortcomings, they may even recommend some changes, such as changing the variety of promotional materials and making them more attractive. Therefore, the company needs to know the newest medium for advertising; for example, in addition to the traditional publication they host, they can move to vinyl banners or online advertising.

Innovation is not easy to deal with if you think so. That is why innovative consultancies are needed to recommend the necessary actions. With business consulting, innovation processes will be simpler since they can sometimes be developed and implemented within the company’s operations or corporate culture.


Innovation consulting will help bridge the gap between the known and the unknown, between the traditional and the new. Business competitors can now be aware of any changes as agencies are already available to consult. Now they can be closer to performance and sustainability.

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The Benefits of Working with an Affiliate Management Firm

According to statistics, affiliate marketing programs are used by 80% of brands, and their popularity is growing due to their performance-based nature. It’s no surprise that retailers desire to expand their sales channels. It’s not as simple as setting up an affiliate network and then sitting back and waiting for the sales to come in.

Oversight is required for a successful affiliate marketing program, including recruiting the correct affiliates, ensuring that all affiliates are engaged and active, policing inappropriate affiliate conduct, communicating with affiliates, and reporting and analysis. This was discussed in further depth in the piece about the primary tasks of affiliate managers.


 You’ll have immediate access to an experienced affiliate manager. You have access to not just a dedicated manager with a depth of knowledge, but also to their staff and their combined experience. Your program will be ramped up at a much faster rate thanks to their knowledge. They’ve worked with a variety of clients and know what works and what doesn’t. They have a track record of launching affiliate programs and will be able to do it fast.

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Reduced Expenses

 Using advertise purple agency can help you save a lot of money. There is no need for downtime training because they are experts in affiliate management. Technical resources, programs, and tools are all available through an affiliate management business, which would be an additional cost if you run your program in-house. You obtain the benefits of these industry tools without the additional cost of purchasing them by working with an agency.


 This is a relationship-driven company. Agencies have spent a lot of time building and maintaining relationships with networks and publications and employing one give you immediate access to those relationships. It takes time and effort to build these relationships, but an affiliate management business already has them in place and can get your program up and running quickly. These connections can also help you save money by negotiating paid placements and gaining network discounts on your behalf.

Affiliate networks and tracking software can be difficult to understand and use. Affiliate management companies have put up hundreds of programs across the network and know which ones are the most effective for different industries. They also have excellent working relationships with important members of these platforms. They can run the data and generate reports for you, as well as take advantage of savings.

readymix suppliers

Quality Ready Mix: The Advantage Of Getting A Good Supplier

If you are looking for a direct ready-mix supplier, then you have to go through a deep serious search about quality readymix suppliers online. Ready mix concrete becomes a need of the contractors and end-users for both commercial and residents people. If you are wondering why concrete mix solutions created a lot of buzz across the world, you must continue reading.

Benefits of choosing ready mix concrete suppliers

When it comes to your construction projects, everything is under control when you have chosen a quality ready-mix supplier. Here are the top benefits of choosing the right supplier:

  • Minimize construction time and cost. Using concrete mix for the construction project minimizes cost by:
  • Minimizing storage cost
  • Eliminating material wastage
  • Reducing labor cost
  • Save on construction costs. Using ready mix concrete, you can reduce the electricity consumption at the job site. For the mixing, the ratio of all the materials is perfectly maintained. So, there is no chance of wastage too. Manual labor that can be used on onsite concrete mix production will be reduced considerably. Additionally, when ordering concrete, there is no need to be hassled with concrete material storage. This means there is no hassle of dust on the site and it saves a large amount on maintenance on the suite and the construction.

readymix suppliers

  • Guaranteed Quality. Quality control at the site concrete project is the primary concern of most contractors or engineers. Maintaining the perfect water-cement grade and ratio of the aggregates is a challenging job while employing conventional concrete. By using concrete supplied onsite, the quality is guaranteed as it is prepared to utilize the most advanced equipment. Some concrete supplier companies or contractors walk an extra mile and test the water-cement ratio and grade of the mix before being supplied to the client, to maintain the quality benchmark.
  • Eco-friendly. Concrete prepared by this means is:
  • Recyclable
  • Clean
  • Energy-efficient

The basic materials used in preparing the mix are readily available naturally and cause lesser harm to the environment if extracted from it compared to the other construction materials, such as steel.

Lands used for quarries and pits can be easily restored to their natural state and employed for residential and commercial purposes. Ready-mix concrete is extremely subtle in fuel consumption.

When ordering ready mix concrete from your reputable ready-mix suppliers, you are minimizing the fuel consumption in transportation. With this idea, it is a big eco-friendly characteristic of the ready mix.

The Importance of Having Affiliate Marketing Program Management

Hire a professional affiliate program manager

Any newcomer to internet marketing knows that there is a lot to learn here. They realize that even if they had their own business, the online world would be very different from the many tools and software available on the web. To be successful, a marketer must be able to learn from mistakes and know when to seek outside help.

Surprisingly, this does not always mean outsourcing. In many cases, this means buying or obtaining free software. However, outsourcing is always an option if you don’t have the time or opportunity to learn new tracking software. Outsourcing can be hiring a virtual machine that can use and monitor branches. Or it could be hiring a company to do it all for you. Whether you receive outside help, it’s important to keep accurate records.

The importance of keeping records

To determine which strategies work best, which methods drive traffic to your site, and which methods generate the most sales, you need to track your efforts accurately. When you have an accurate view of all your efforts, you can analyze what works and why. A person will then be able to apply your successful strategies more effectively and eliminate ineffective strategies. Since all marketing campaigns come down to the bottom line, start by following this information.

You must keep accurate records of payments made. In the event of a problem, you will need reliable logs to help resolve any issues. Also, and most importantly, you will need clear tax records. When it comes time to pay taxes, you’ll pay too much tax at the end of the year if you don’t have complete commission and award records.

Tax reports come first.

If it is already clear, tax reports are vital for any affiliate program. You need proper and reliable affiliate program management to manage all the tax information of multiple affiliates, not to mention how much each affiliate was paid. A good system will allow you to quickly and easily get all your records. Click to learn more.

Proper records make the tax season stress free. It also avoids unnecessary checks. You will be provided with a full history and necessary documents to substantiate all claimed expenses if audited.


Running an affiliate program can seem overwhelming. However, if you use the right programs and software, the whole process becomes much easier. Like anything else, it will have a learning curve, but good software will drastically reduce that curve.