Brand New vs. Old Amazon Sales Accounts

Regarding Amazon sales accounts, rest assured that you will find myriad options. An excellent place to find such accounts is, which puts various accounts at your disposal. One of the common differences between these accounts is age. You will have to choose between old and brand-new accounts. Is the former better than the latter or vice versa? This article answers that in detail. It explains which account is better and when to choose either option. Let’s dive into this interesting topic to help you choose wisely.

Old Amazon Sales Accounts

As the name suggests, this is an account that has existed for a considerable time. It is easy to point out the history due to the existing sales history. Their large sales allowances ensure that their owners sell substantial amounts. It has several advantages, including the following;

  • It means earning a lot as soon as you buy it
  • No freezing of disbursements
  • You don’t have to worry about account suspension
  • Consequently
  • Amazon won’t put such accounts under review even for the common 14 to 28 days

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That said and done, you need to consider several factors when purchasing an old account. They include;

  1. Marketplaces available
  2. Ungated categories and brands
  3. Available Feedback
  4. Its sales history
  5. Date of creation, especially the year
  6. General account health
  7. History of suspension
  8. Disbursement type
  9. Kindle Direct Publishing or Amazon Merch accounts connections
  10. Connected trademark or brand registry

Such factors determine what to expect from the account you buy from or any other great platform. The type of disbursement should be favorable to you, including being available in your country of residence. On the other hand, the number of feedback and the ratings, for that matter, should attract new customers. Do you see why it is important to consider those factors?

Brand New Verified Accounts

You are most likely wondering whether buying a new Amazon sales account can be beneficial. That’s understandable since most people would prefer creating an account on their own instead. Equally important, the accounts lack any sales record. That said and done, the new accounts sold are different since they are verified. Since they are verified, you save time you would have used to set it up. So, you can start selling on Amazon as soon as you purchase the account. Brand new verified accounts are cheaper than their old counterparts.