Does the time tracker help you with your work?

There are a lot of time-tracking solutions that are available in the market. Regardless, some have stood out from the others. It is because their interface is easy to use, good features in time management. And it has high data security features. You can use a time doctor alternative.

It is the perfect tool for the employee’s productivity management and time tracking. This is also used by some businesses such as Ericsson and Verizon and medium to small businesses. It is good for any organization. It usually gives you a wide selection of features from exact time tracking. To have many integrations and payroll management. You will also know what are its features.

Valid time tracking

The time doctor helps the team in a productive manner. By giving them an easy interface to manage the time. In order for you to track the time you need to open the time doctor in a manual mode. Enter the name of a certain task and you need to click the start button. It will then start tracking your time as you work.

If you wish to take a break or you have completed any task. Then you need to click the stop button to stop the timer on that task. It also offers you to track time automatically. The timesheet software starts tracking your time once you turn on your computer. It only stops once you switch it off.

Idle tracker

Idle time is detected within seconds or minutes that the person has no activity. Such as keyboard or mouse activity during the time. Once it moves either a mouse click or keyboard stroke during the time then it would not be considered idle.

By tracking the idle time it makes sure that the team does not pass any idle time as work. It makes sure that the billing is accurate for remote workers, and clients for their active billable hours.

It has productivity ratings

The time tracking software makes you see how much time the team member spends on the productive and unproductive websites. But most tracking apps that are available today classify social media sites. Such as LinkedIn as unproductive. It could be a problem for the human resource team as they usually use it on a daily basis. The time doctor is different from other time tracking software. It also allows you to pick what websites and applications are considered work-related.