Features of Tradologic HQ

Features of Tradologic HQ

Tradologic is considered as the largest platform for binary options.  Tradologic HQ is located in Sofia, Bulgaria and has up to 200 employees. The company started its operation in 2008 and its website is at www.tradologic.com.  The niche of the said organization is Computer Hardware & Software.  It has become a very strong organization and none of its competitors can measure up to this organization in terms of standard. Continue reading to learn more about this organization.

An overview

Tradologic is the leading binary options trading platform and has global recognition.  The platform offers a highly innovative solution to the financial trading industry and is always developing new creative products and financial services that can improve end users’ experience.  The platform is committed to top-level excellence and interacts with its clients via a goal-oriented and full collaboration interaction and the clients have come to give testimonies to the reliability of this unique platform. Tradologic HQ may be in Sofia, Romania, but it has spread its tentacles globally.

Its mission

The main mission of this organization is to make available the right tools needed for straightening the binary options brand of the operator in the global market. They are equally focused on increasing their wallet share and customer base via the establishment of top-performing trading software.  At Tradologic HQ, all the customers are seen as genuine partners in progress and the organization provides these clients with a unique and effective customer business package; they are eq1ually on the lookout for the increased profitability and best interest of their organization. The members of staff are positive and they also have a very good attitude

Tradologic HQ

The unique features

Tradologic HQ allows you to test-run the trading platform before buying it. As a result, you can understand how the platform works and decide if you want to buy it or not. Whatever the case may be, you will love what you find on the platform.  There is a 100% assurance of satisfaction since the platform is built based on the highest technological standards in building cross-platform solutions.

Check below for highlights of its features:

  • 240 white labels are built and integrated into the software
  • Up to 4.5 million trades have been executed using the platform since January 2016
  • The trades have yielded up to $710 million since January 2016
  • The platform is being used in 109 countries.
  • End users can deposit and withdraw funds on this platform in all the available major currencies
  • The payment is fast and easy without any tax or delay
  • The transaction on this platform is secure and there is no risk of a chargeback.
  • End users can open accounts in various cryptocurrencies like DASH, BTC, LTC, ETH, mBTC and so on.