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How and Where to Store Your Stuff During House Remodeling

House remodeling is a thrilling process with many parts to move. Though many questions may pop up on your mind like figuring out what tiles to use; you should also think about logistics. One of the important things is where to keep your stuff while renovating. Here are tips to help you while you start your dream home.

Assign Another Room in Your Home for Storage

If you can spare an extra room which you seldom use, like an empty corner of the basement or the guest room, can help you during your renovating conundrum. If you find it hard to give up space, then think of it as a temporary setup, and it is one of the most cost-effective possibilities for you, granted that you are only remodeling part of your house.

Though, there are some considerations that you need to think of if you are using your home as storage space during the renovation process:

  • Choose an area that you won’t use for the meantime-ideally, your basement or garage
  • Leave some space to move around in the area that you choose

Rent a Storage Container

One of the popular option during the renovation is renting a portable storage container. It’s like having a storage facility in your driveway. It offers you the ability to clear items in your home while giving you the convenience and flexibility to have those items on hand whenever you need them.

It’ll help if you do some researching before you rent a storage container that will suit your needs. Look for options available to you and choose the portable storage that can provide you the cost, size and delivery options that makes the most sense. Be sure to ask permission to your homeowner’s association first before renting one so as not to waste money and effort.

self storage in Singapore

Ask A Family Member or Friend

One way to save up some money is by storing your things with the help of your family member or friend. You can ask them if they have extra space in their house that you can use to stock your stuff while you are doing the remodeling, temporarily. Make sure to ask them if they have any timeline so that you’ll know when to pick them up.

Use Self Storage

You can always choose the traditional self-storage facility of storing your items if you don’t have any issues with accessibility or if your area doesn’t allow you to have a portable storage container in your driveway.

You may choose to use it for stowing big stuff like appliances and furniture and keep the small ones in your house. You can rent a storage container and ask the storage facility to pick it up and store them if you can’t deliver the items to the facility. There is some self storage in Singapore that you can check to help you find the best facility to store your things.


Figuring out your storage plan before you start the renovation can help you in many ways. One of them is that you can have more time to focus on your remodeling without you worrying over the furniture or items that can be a nuisance. Make sure that you do all the research and organize your stuff before you store them to secure the safety of your things.