How can you identify the trend to trade in the Forex market

How can you identify the trend to trade in the Forex market

In the Forex market, there are many analyzing tools that help the traders to make profits. New traders often get confused which tools and indicators they need to use according to the market’s condition. To become successful, all the traders need to do trend analysis. Start learning about the different stages of the trend, so that you don’t have to slip up in trading. Investment is a very big business. You must have the skills to deal with the complicated nature of the market. Once you master this technique, you won’t have to deal with the massive variations in the price movement.

In the Forex market, the trend is known as the overall price behavior which may be an increase or decrease of the price. There are mainly two types of trend tendencies, they are a bullish or bearish trend. Today in this article, you will know a brief about the trends and how they work to make profits.

What is a trend in the Forex Market?

A trend is a particular movement in a in a price’s direction. Trends can be of many kinds, including long term, short term, downward. The trend can even be sideways. To become successful,every trader must for every trader to understand the movement of the trends. When you look for the trend, always use the daily or weekly time frame. Analyzing the lower time frame always result in disasters. Most importantly, you won’t be able to identify the trend with precision. So, forget about the lower time frame when it comes to the trend identification process.

If you can understand the trends properly then you can surely make profitable entry and exit points. Without understanding the trends properly it’s impossible for traders to make profits in the market. If you remain patient and learn through time then it won’t be tough for you to understand the trends.

The bullish trend

The bullish trend moves in the higher bottoms and higher tops for the prices on the chart. In the bullish trend, the price touches the bottom price on the chart. It acts as a support line on the chart, traders expect the price of bullish trend to bounce in a bullish direction. Forex trading is a very delicate business. Once you learn to understand the nature of this business, you won’t have to worry about your financial freedom. So, learn to use the bullish trend line in a very precise way.

A bullish trend always moves in an upward direction and you can identify a bullish trend by simply drawing straight lines by connecting two lows close to each other. If you notice the line breaks then it may exhaust or even reverse.

The bearish trend

The bearish trend is totally opposite of the bullish trend. In the bearish trend, it creates lower tops and lower bottoms on the chart for the price action. The bearish trend line acts as a resistance on the chart and helps traders to identify the market’s condition.

A bearish trend is always a downward trend, you can identify the bearish trend by simply drawing lines connecting the two nearby highs. In the reversal signal, it also acts in the same way, it clearly helps the traders to understand the market’s condition more precisely.


If you can understand the price action trends properly then it helps to make the right trades according to the market. Without understanding the bullish and bearish trends it’s difficult for the traders to make profits. If you are new you will face many difficulties so the pro traders always suggest identifying the trends by simply drawing lines. The drawing lines will help you to understand them in the easiest way. You can trade trends by connecting trend lines in the Forex market if you can understand the trends properly, than trust me, you are already on the path to success.