Insurance Coverage That Gives You Peace Of Mind

Owning a home is a considerable investment that any person will want to protect. The best way to safeguard such an investment is to place it under reliable insurance coverage in case of unexpected mishaps or natural calamities.  Great Southern Bank offers up a comprehensive home and contents insurance plan that allows homeowners the peace of mind they are after. With the plans available, you do not have to worry about costly or hidden fees just to secure your home and finances. Read through our three plans below to know more about which one best suits your financial capabilities.

Basic Variable Home Loan

Great Southern Bank’s Basic Variable Home Loan makes it easy for new homeowners to apply for a loan without getting wrapped up in monthly fees. With this option, there is no monthly or annual account fees, which gives you the opportunity to save that money for more essential expenses. With this coverage, there is also the benefit of being able to make unlimited extra repayments. This means you can own your home as soon as possible without suffering the penalty fees. Even with repayments, the Basic Variable Plan gives you the opportunity to take back the funds should something arise needing financial coverage!

home and contents insurance

Offset Variable Home Loan

The Offset Variable Home Loan may be the right option for those looking to lower interest payments on their loan. With this loan, homeowners can save money rather than using it to pay off the interest on their loans. Here, you will also have direct and easy access to your savings which you can use when needed. This loan also has a competitive rate that makes it an excellent choice for first-time buyers looking to secure a comprehensive insurance plan.

Fixed-Rate Home Loan

With a Fixed Rate Home Loan, owners can rest assured that their interest rate will be locked in. So, no matter the change in the market, you will pay the same amount. This eliminates the uncertainty of changing values and allows for greater financial planning and stability. The Fixed Rate option will also provide you with options for how long you would like to repay the loan. Choose from one, two, three, and five years. All these options come with highly competitive rates that are worth checking out. Lastly, homeowners also benefit from zero monthly and annual fees, making it a whole lot easier to save up.

Whatever home loan option you choose, rest assure that Great Southern Bank has got you covered for all the uncertainties life may bring along. Get that peace of mind you deserve so you can enjoy the home you have worked hard for.