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Ireland Immigration Investment Agency: How to Get Citizenship By Investing

With travelling being on the rise once again, people have started taking interest in tourism and immigration one more – especially those whose plans were paused indefinitely due to the onset of the pandemic. For those who are planning on immigration, the pandemic brought down a new set of rules to their already complicated procedure; thus, making many looks for other methods to get citizenship in other countries.

One such method is getting citizenship upon investing in the country one is aiming to move in. However, not all countries allow such immigration investment and those that do have a large investment limit for the qualification of such a visa. In the case of those wanting to move to Ireland, the Ireland Immigration Investment Agency help in guiding the interested people into making sound investments.

What is immigration investment?

In a nutshell, immigration investment is the practice of investing in a country or any company in the country to move into the country on the basis of the said investment. This can be done by applying for the specific visas issued and allowed by the country one is aiming to immigrate to.

Most nations allow the PR visa or the ‘permanent residence’ visa to people who qualify through the specific requirements – one such qualifying requirement is as an official investor. Ireland has this system and allows this visa to both Europeans and non-Europeans. However, the limit of the investment is quite high – one has to invest at least €2 million in Ireland or its businesses to gain a PR visa for three years or more.

ireland immigration investment agency

Is immigration investing safe?

This is a question whose answer depends a lot upon the agency one is using to invest their money through. Since the process of investing in a foreign nation with an unfamiliar market scenario can be quite new and complicated, many people are afraid to proceed with such a procedure without proper research.

And while such research can be hard to do so individually, an immigration agency can help you do so while also allotting you a consultant to help make the investment plans based on one’s immigration requirements. It will help one with making sound decisions regarding their investments but also help them in their application process for immigration.

For an instance, for those residing in Hong Kong Ireland Immigration consult  would be quite easier due to the easy access to many such immigration investment agencies that would walk one through such a procedure with proper research work and guarantees.


While investment in a foreign country is quite a risky move for many, one can make a sound plan with minimum repercussions by doing proper research and with the support of a good agency specialising in immigration and investment services.