Planning For Your Own Funeral

If there is any surety in our lives, it is that we will die. Yet Death is an unpleasant subject to us, so much so, that we avoid any mention of it all our living hours. This leaves our unfortunate families to face the music when we are gone. Yet most of us fight to make our families safe, comfortable and secure all our lives. We plan continuously for a future that we know, in our heart of hearts, we may never be alive to enjoy. But then, isn’t it only logical and humane that we look to protect our beloved families even when we are not there physically? The Service that provides for our families not being left in the lurch must therefore be a priority in all our future planning. Apart from any property and insurance, the best gift that we can leave for our near and dear ones is pre-paid funeral plans, to reduce the financial threat which comes with the shock of departing.

The salient points covered by this type of future planning are as follows:

funeral service

  • The usual funeral plan covers the costs of a Funeral Director’s fees and services only.
  • Pre-paying for the plan gives a relaxed mind and peace, not only to the customer, but also the family.
  • But there are several other costs which were previously not being covered, which may be termed as Third Party Costs.
  • Though different societies and religious denominations have different rules, a wake-keeping of sorts after the passing away, and sometimes after the funeral itself, is common. The ceremonial farewell does not end with the burial or cremation.
  • Costs therefore multiply, which are generally not covered by the prior plans.
  • There are also no emergency or stop gap arrangement costs.
  • There is also no man-power available to help out during post-funeral exigencies.
  • But as the competition to book customers become more steep, the competing Service providers are leaving no stone unturned to make their package increasingly attractive.
  • The main additions provide for personal touches of the holder or beneficiary/s regarding the funeral arrangements, religious service during the funeral, music and refreshments to be offered to the guests, the opportunity for funereal orations to the family and friends of the deceased, and so on.
  • The best of the pre-paid funeral plans are inflation –proof, and there are no sudden last minute demands for costs to the bereaved family.
  • Extras may include the provision for limousines to ferry the family and the invited guests.
  • For famous people, the arrangements may include crowd-control to some extent, and even media coverage arrangements.
  • Thus, there are plans to accommodate any reasonable choice.