Simple Tips When Choosing The Right Packaging For Your Product

One of the things that make a fantastic product and make it successful and boost a brand is the packaging. If you get it wrong, it can affect the quality of your product and can greatly affect your business and your brand. Remember that first impression is everything especially these days that you have plenty of competition in the industry that you choose.

Five Elements Of Product Packaging

Choosing the right packaging supplies near me should not be a problem because there are some tips that can guide you when to choose the best options for your products. There are certain factors that you should take into consideration and it all affects your decision making.

1. Transportation Options. When choosing a product packaging, a killer design is very important but you also have to take note that it should be able to travel from A to B with minimal damage and most importantly, with ease. If say your product is bulky or fragile, the materials that are designed from strength are the things that you should focus on. If your product will only sit on the retail shelf most of the time, then you need to put more effort into its physical display.

2. Product Materials. You wouldn’t want your product to be packaged using the wrong material. Always treat your product with respect. When you are picking the caliper of your packaging material, always consider what’s best for your product. Here are two of the materials that you can choose from:

  • Paperboard. This is a lightweight material that is sure to give you excellent printing results. This is the best choice for food, dairy, cosmetics, hardware items, retails products, as well as pharmaceuticals.
  • Corrugated. This is sturdy but very flexible. It is the best choice for produce, fragile or heavy items, shipping cartons, subscription boxes, as well as E-commerce packages.
  1. Size Does NOT Matter. If say for example your product comes in four different sizes, you should design two different sized packages that can accommodate all four. This will not only save you time and money, but it will also ensure consistency throughout your products and remember that this is what your customers want from you.
  1. Know Your Customers. This is one of the most important things that you have to remember when you are choosing the right product packaging. Your target audience is the people that you want to invest in with your products. Sometimes, this is one of the things that business owners overlook. To make sure that you are able to reach to your customers, understand them and before finalizing your design and putting in your order, do some research beforehand. Market research is important and always figure out the demographics for you to cater to their needs.
  1. Take Note Of The Ergonomics. This is a very important part of your packaging design process. If for example, your customers have difficulties accessing their products, they may not come back for more which is why ergonomics is essential.