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Tell-Tale Signs Commercial Refrigeration Units Needs Repair

The commercial refrigeration equipment of your business must maintain standard temperatures in order to protect the quality of your products. Whether you have a convenience store, restaurant, bakery, or any type of business that uses refrigeration units in San Antonio, you must know when your equipment needs repair.

In case of trouble, don’t worry because san antonio refrigeration repair is here to help. But of course, it is crucial that you know the tell-tale signs that you need to have them checked and repaired as soon as possible.

Unit Is Not Turning On

The refrigeration equipment of your business must be operating at its best at all times. However, when they just stop working, it can cause a major problem for your business. In these instances, you must call your technician right away. Failure to turn on is usually a problem with the capacitor, main motor, or there is a possible leak that needs to be repaired right away.

 Cooling Problems

When the refrigeration unit is not cooling properly or when it’s excessively cooling your perishables, then you have a problem with the electronic controls. Problems with the capacitor or relay switch prevent the unit from keeping it cool enough to protect the integrity of the items inside the appliance. And if it causes excessive cooling, then the malfunctioning sensor might result in the compressor running continuously.

san antonio refrigeration repair

 Unusual Loud Noises

If you are used to your commercial refrigeration equipment being quiet while in use, then you should be familiar with any noises that catch your attention. The rattling, grinding, and even loud humming noises should be a cause of concern. This means that there are loose parts or it’s caused by something more serious that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. In this case, have the system checked sooner than later.

Imbalance and Frost Build-up

Balance is important for your commercial cooling and refrigeration equuipment. The temperature and humidity play a vital role in maintaining the freshness and quality of the items that you’re storing. There are signs that will tell you that you are having problems with this balance. Foggy windows for example happen when there is a problem with the door gasket. Also, excess ice buildup on your freezer is an indication that the defrost timer is not working properly.

Warm Spots

Your walk-in coolers or commercial freezers must have the capability to maintain temperatures to ensure the fresh quality of your perishables. Remember that your products should meet the food safety requirements. So if you notice that there are shelves that are not consistent with the temperature of the rest of the refrigeration unit, then have a technician check it and get it repaired.

Commercial refrigeration equipment malfunctions should not be taken lightly. Early detection and regular maintenance can save you lots of water from expensive repairs later on. So if you notice any of the signs mentioned in your refrigeration system, then go ahead and get in touch with your trusted technician to get it checked.