IBM i hosting

The Beneficial Qualities Of IBM I Hosting

It’s been years since IBM iSeries to AS/400 came into the workload arena. Ever these on-premises platforms entered the market, they have been the most preferred mission-critical workload systems all over the world. In recent years, most businesses are running into cloud-based hosting and computing, and the IBM i hosting haven’t been left out.

They have recently introduced some of the robust cloud computing systems and streamlined IT operations in the form of cloud400, ensuring affordability and flexibility. There are many beneficial qualities that define the IBM i hosting systems.

Ease to Setup and Get Started

The cloud400 platform is super easy to set and put it to operation. All it takes is for you to send the team at Cloud400 accurate and updated data of your IP addresses and your system’s backup.  The team will work the system by restoring it to something they call a virtual server or a logical partition of the bigger IBM power server. Once they are done, they connect your networks and business to a highly secured firewall connection. The setup, testing, and validation of your system will take several days.

Comes With free trial lasting for 60 days

Businesses and organizations can have their system put on the Cloud400b free test for 60 days. Cloud400 is a trusted and highly efficient cloud-based mission-critical workload service provider boasting of excellent support and reliability. While they want to make profits from their business, they always want to ensure they do so in a genuine way. That’s why they provide you a secure and efficient system free for the first 60 days. Having your applications backed up to Cloud400 guarantees faster and secure operations, which you cannot get on your IBM server.

IBM i hosting

Affordable and Reliable

The most interesting part about Cloud400 is that it allows you to pay for the services you need only. You won’t be forced to pay for an over-sized serve that provides higher memory, performance, more storage, and can accommodate higher workload needs, while your needs are for a small server. It’s quite a more affordable server when compared to the latest servers. You don’t need to pay high IBM iOS core activation and concurrent user count fees regularly, as it is the case with on-premise servers. Cloud doesn’t charger its customers for core activation and user count fees. You only pay for the hosting costs, which covers the IBM software and hardware support.

Straightforward Data Center Management

Another great feature of Cloud400 is its efficient and reliable data center management. The cost of managing data centers, keeping everything secure, current, and redundant is a bit high. The cost is not just the issue since you also have to deal with on-going tasks that require professional support to keep working. You are also required to pay for the program product licensing. Cloud400 does eliminate all these issues, ensuring you can enjoy cheaper services without changing your IBM I series.