The Coolest Investment Ideas for 2019

Here we are in 2019, a fresh new year with tons of investment choices. Some technology investments are too confusing, as well as too risky. All the talk about blockchain and Bitcoins can be a bit intimidating. We can all accept a little risk; it comes with the territory. The bigger the risk, the better the reward, right? Many professional investment services will tell you. “You’re young; you can accept the risk.” You bought into Bitcoin when it was at a staggering price because the experts said it would go much higher. Look how far it’s fallen. No worries, it could still recover, but that gnawing feeling in your stomach.

2019 should be more fun with less stress. Consider some cooler investments than coins. We’re certainly not saying sell your coins. You might even wish to buy a few more while those are cheap. However, here are a few considerations to take a look at for 2019. It’s like you always hear, diversify your investments. You most likely won’t be right about everything you choose to invest in so spreading your money across four or five smart choices could yield some very healthy returns on investment (ROI). Take a look into low-cost stocks, artificial intelligence, gold bullion, and biotech stocks. Just as you should never put all your money in one investment, you should not put all your money in one area. Staying local with your investments might mean you miss out on some excellent opportunities.

Low-Cost Stocks

Low-cost stocks are an affordable method to buy stock in several companies you think have potential. The trick is to find stocks without much debt that have a significant chance for growth. When you can buy several thousand low-priced shares, all you need is for one to make a substantial advancement.

Artificial Intelligence

Smart technology is everywhere these days. Artificial intelligence is the way of the future. Some industry experts expect the industry to grow by 10s of thousands of percentage points. Money US News speculates that companies like Nvidia, Google parent, Alphabet, Twilio, Amazon, and Micron could make investors in AI a very respectable ROI in the next few years.

However, Alphabet and Amazon are already multi-billion dollar companies; Amazon might even be a trillion dollar company. Investments in those two will be expensive, more than $1000 per share and their growth would be slow.

Nvidia and Micron have lost nearly half their market price since April 2018, while Twilio’s stock price has steadily increased. Some would say Twilio’s rise would suggest a correction is on the way, while Nvidia and Micron have already experienced a downturn. Some would suggest riding Twilio’s rise, while others might surmise if Nvidia and Micron lost half their value in the market’s decline, those two should regain their value. However, you need not take any of these but find your method of investing in AI; it is on the way.

Gold Bullion

A prudent investor should consider Gold bullion as a wealth conservation “insurance.” However, since the price of gold bullion has doubled in the previous four years, it would be challenging to find a better place to get a 100 percent ROI. Although past performance might not be a predictor of future sales. Gold bullion from Goldstackers could be a good place to start a precious metal portfolio.

Many factors can affect gold prices such as inflation, the strength of the economy, and faith in other investments. Global markets have tanked recently. If you started investing in the ASX 200 in April of 2018, your investment gains would very likely have gotten wiped out during the first month of 2019.

The same decline was seen across the globe as prices dropped in NY, London, and Tokyo. Although the stock market always bounces back and it could be a buying opportunity, taking refuge in gold might relieve some of the anxiety.

Biotech Stocks

Corrections in the stock market occur quite frequently, about every 1.86 years according to the Motley Fool. The recent losses across multiple markets could point to a buying opportunity, and there may be no better place to put your money in the market than in biotech stocks that are predicted to reach near 100 percent gains in 2019.

The four biotech stocks poised for expansion according to the Fool are, Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Alkermes, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, and Neurocrine Biosciences, or you could choose your own. There is a lot of growth expected in the biotech industry. Therefore, you should pick a “rising star” take a ride.

Pick a Place or Spread Your Investments Across All Four

Well, there you have it. The four coolest places to put your money in 2019 are medical marijuana, artificial intelligence, gold bullion, and biotech stocks. Investing in any of these areas could see short-term growth and a significant ROI. However, spreading your investment money across all four areas could mean a substantial ROI.