food trade shows

The Impact on Covid-19 on Businesses in the Food Exhibition Industry

The fact that Covid-19 has affected most businesses is no surprise, and it certainly isn’t a surprise that it has affected companies that sponsor trade shows for the food and beverage industry. In fact, any food-related business has been greatly impacted by this virus, and there is little wonder why. Not only does the virus make handling food and food-related items more dangerous, but it also makes food trade shows much more difficult because of the large number of attendees these events usually attract.

food trade shows

Too Dangerous to Accommodate

Both local and international trade shows usually have vendors such as food manufacturers, restaurant owners, and companies that sell products and equipment to these businesses and others. Even if there wasn’t any food being served at one of these events, you’d still have the hoards of people attending them, which makes it much easier for Covid-19 to spread. In fact, in the past few months, many of the companies that organize the food trade shows 2020 have cancelled their events altogether, and while some of them have rescheduled them for a later date, many others have not.

To Postpone or to Cancel?

Food and beverage trade shows, like other exhibitions, have likely suffered economically due to Covid-19. Even for organizers who may have had some type of insurance ahead of time, they are still losing money because cancelling an exhibition means a lot less money is going into their pockets. This is good for no type of food expo because these events rely on people being there to keep it going year after year. Just one cancellation or postponement could mean vendors pulling out of the next year’s event, which no one wants. The only good side is that Covid-19 has affected everyone in this industry, so in many ways the vendors at any type of food expo 2020 can still look forward to attending the event next year.