The Right Promotional Choices in the Show Booths

The Right Promotional Choices in the Show Booths

Every year, more than 170 trade shows and more than 2 million potential customers visit, who buy during these professional events:

  • Entrepreneur’s Lounge
  • Micro-business show
  • E-marketing

You will find the complete list of trade shows by following this link. Once you have made your choice of salon and confirmed your participation as an exhibitor, do not forget to:

You will find out about the exhibition plan and the show’s external communication schedule.You can negotiate the location of the stand. For that, anticipate your participation in this show.You can also negotiate the price of the location and also your visibility on the communication media of the show. The use of the trade show booth happens to be essential.

Do not forget the administrative documents to confirm your participation.

trade show booth

Prepare for a trade show

Start mobilizing your team. Select the collaborator (s) who will accompany you and clearly define the missions of each one.

Regularly organize before and during the show meetings for:

  • Present business and communication objectives
  • Prepare and organize the stand design
  • Realize a retro planning
  • Organize a follow-up of the various tasks and missions
  • Manage the logistics part (housing, means of transport, catering, etc.)

Organize the highlighting of your products or your services

You have to organize yourself to prepare your products or services when you are exhibiting at a trade show. Visitors to the show greatly appreciate the demonstrations or being able to manipulate your products.

The advantages of preparing your products or services well will help you in the profitability of the investment you made to participate in a trade show. A good promotion will make it easier to attract the visitor’s attention and stand out from your competitors at the show. It is important to:

  • Select your products or services,
  • Set your rates and special promotions,
  • Determine the commercial messages to be broadcast (arguments, benefits, benefits, etc.).

Prepare your exhibit materials to promote your products or services

  • To ensure that your products or services are highlighted, you must define and prepare your promotional and communications tools.
  • You need exhibition materials, ie your POS (Point of Sale Advertising). Here is a list of recommended POS:
  • Signage : kakemonos, totems, flags, banners, posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures,
  • Dressing : counter, ballot boxes, document holders, floor marking,

Marketing gifts : Pens, USB keys, T-shirt, calendar

To ensure the animation of your stand, you will need demonstration materials such as TV screens to broadcast your promotional videos or demonstrations and / or visual, physical and sound animations. You can set up quizzes, flash promotions and you can use mobile facilitators. In addition to these displays and demonstrations, you will need documentation to offer to your visitors.

  • Business cards to create connections with your visitors,
  • The brochures of presentations to give to your visitors after their passages.
  • Catalogs produced to offer a wide choice to your visitors,
  • Samples and goodies to offer to your visitors.

These are the things that you need to have and that also within the budget now.