Smart Writing

The Smart Writing: How to Write the perfect

Authors have successfully written autobiographical books. You too may want to write about your own life. But where do you start? And how do you ensure that your personal experiences can also be fascinating for others? In this specialization you will write the story of your life.

You discover how writing can provide insight into your own life and thus be meaningful for your personal development. By looking at your own texts, you also look at your own present and past. That contributes to understanding and deepening. The specialization is not a form of therapy, the emphasis is on the text and how you can make it as authentic and interesting as possible. In the first, place for yourself and in the second instance (if you want) for others.All this is under the guidance of teachers with a lot of experience in the writer profession. For the writings on academic purpose you can also seek the help of the reviews now.

Introductory trajectory

Before you get started with your specialization, you start with a basic creative writing course. During these four modules you develop your own writing style and practice writing techniques that you can use for your autobiographical story. These basic techniques always come in handy, for example when writing children’s books, scenarios or thrillers.

Specialization process

You apply the knowledge that you gain during the introductory trajectory to the writing of your autobiographical story in the two modules of the specialization trajectory. Topics covered include techniques to bring back memories from your different phases of life, different ways to organize and stylize these memories and the following questions are addressed:

writings on academic purpose

What is truth, where is the boundary between fact and fiction and how do we go?

To deal with the stories of and about others?

Your writing goal is paramount. That is why you can talk about this in advance with the teacher in a personal horizon discussion so that you can take this into account.

Do you not only have the ambition to write a book or story yourself, but do you secretly dream that your books are in the bookstore, alongside those of your favorite authors? The teachers of the Writers Academy help you to realize your writing ambitions.

They can draw on their experience as a writer and have a thorough knowledge of the writer’s profession. They help you write your novel or short story and develop your own style. You learn how things are going in the Republic of Arts and what you can do as a professional writer to keep your head above water. Whether or not you have the ambition to make writing your profession, the Creative Writing Complete program makes you an all-round writer.