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Translation Services in Dubai: Learn how it can help your business

Do you know what document translation is ? This is one of the leading and most sought after translation services, which applies to both individuals and businesses for a variety of needs.

Even though it is so important, some people and companies do not quite understand what the purpose of this service is, which has serious bureaucratic and commercial implications.

Let’s understand what this translation is all about and how your business can benefit from this service.

What is document translation?

Also known as public translation, this is a necessary procedure for transposing the content of a document into another language, preserving its legal value in the country in which it was issued, so that it can produce the same legal effects in foreign territory, where the official language is different from that in which the original document was issued.

Each type of translation service has its own purpose: technical translation is intended to shed content from a particular area of ​​knowledge, and simple translation generally comprises books, series, films and other content that do not fit the other services, for example. example.

By understanding what document translation is, it is possible to realize that its purpose is to meet legal, bureaucratic and corporate requirements, whether for individuals or companies, since the document translator has public faith.

document translation

When a document is issued in another country and in another language, it has legal validity in that particular territory, according to the bodies responsible for it. But once boundaries are crossed, their validity is lost.

This is not in bad faith on the part of the authorities, but because it is not possible to know what the content of that document is, which makes such a decision understandable.

However, when using a document translation, all content is translated into the language of the document’s destination country. Thus, the document will have the same legal value as it presents in its country of origin.

Some of the most common documents in document translation are birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, powers of attorney, business contracts, transcripts, transcripts and school and academic diplomas, technical reports, among others.

Who can make a document translation?

This is a type of service that can only be performed by a Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter (TPIC), who is a professional qualified to perform such activity in accordance with applicable law.

In order for the translator to start offering this type of service, he must be approved in a public tender promoted by the Board of Trade of his state and be properly document in.

This procedure is necessary to be granted public faith, that is, under the law, he has the right to guarantee legal validity to the documents that are translated by him, without the need to prove this validity to each service performed.

Once you understand what document translation is and who can do it, it is clear that it is a very important and necessary service for society in the personal, commercial and legal spheres.

How can document translations help your business?

By translating documents that are important to your activities, which need to be legally valid in different countries.

Suppose your company has entered into a business agreement with another foreign company and a contract has been drafted to validate this transaction. The contract must be valid in both countries so that it can be presented to public and private bodies whenever necessary.

This also applies to powers of attorney, employee technical certifications, court proceedings and any other documents that have to maintain their legal validity in different countries.

Desk with computer and paper

Who knows what a document translation is, understands that the service must be sought immediately, in order to guard against possible future problems and, thus, count on the support of the law for whatever is necessary.

It is worth mentioning that the contents of a contract tend to have technical content aimed at the legal and commercial areas, which requires that the professional responsible for the document translation must have knowledge about such areas for a good performance of his service.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a document translator who is also a technical translator of the areas in question, so that the service is performed with excellence and that the integrity of the original document is maintained.

As much as there are differences between technical and document translations , they can act as complementary in cases like this, ensuring that customers get the best possible result with the documents that need to be translated.

How to count on the document translation in a company?

When understanding what document translation is and how it works, there may still be some doubts, especially with regard to what can be done so that the company has a document translator to assist you whenever necessary.

It is not necessary to hire a professional to act exclusively in this role within your company, since this would require a high investment, in addition to the need for this type of translation not always be constant.

The best solution is to hire a specialized company whenever you need to rely on certified translation services dubai, which ensures that the service is done with excellence, by highly qualified professionals and with the best possible cost-benefit ratio.

The value of the service always depends on how many documents need to be translated and also the size of each one, which are measured by a document translation report.

Other variables can also impact the value, such as the urgency of the deadline and the languages ​​involved in the translation of the document, for example, but there is no doubt that choosing a translation company is a much more economical alternative than hiring a certified translator in full time for your company.