Understanding The Possible Trends in the World of Packaging

Understanding The Possible Trends in the World of Packaging

When asked about the packaging trends affecting their work today and the trends that will influence their work ten years from now, all packaging professionals seem to agree that the importance of sustainability will continue to grow. The most surprising answers to this question show a rather dramatic decrease in how the cost of packaging components will affect the workplace in the future.

There may be several reasons for this thinking

Many people, including packaging professionals, understand that the global economy is far from thriving. Today’s main focus on the cost of packaging components cannot be more than an understanding of the current cash flow situation. The expectation of recovery over the next ten years may also help explain expectations of future cost reductions.

On the other hand, because we live in a world with limited resources, sustainability can become much more important as we move into the future. The slightly higher cost of bottles, bags, caps, labels, or even packaging equipment such as filling machines, capping equipment, etc., may be justified if you are producing an environmentally friendly, recyclable product.

Understanding The Possible Trends in the World of Packaging

Instead, future strategies will focus on renewable and recyclable materials, reinforcing the idea that sustainability will become an even more important factor in the future. Smart packaging is also becoming an increasingly popular strategy in the future. This type of packaging usually allows certain aspects of the product to be controlled, such as temperature. As technology advances, smart packaging can become more affordable and enable packers to communicate important information to consumers. However, this could affect the entire packaging industry, affecting the packaging itself and the equipment used to pack these products.

Packaging professionals were asked to name the attributes of packaging that are considered important to consumers today and those that are likely to be considered important to consumers ten years from now. Unsurprisingly, usability, along with shelf appeal, is considered the most important attribute for consumers today. Surprisingly, the perception of “green,” as well as the possibility of recyclable and renewable product use, is what professionals expect from consumers in ten years. Again, perhaps the most logical explanation for the declining convenience and attractiveness of the shelves is that limited resources in the future may compromise not only on the part of packers but also on the part of consumers.

Packaging professionals believe that recycling will be one of the most important packaging attributes, more important than any other in a decade. While this may seem like bad planning on the part of packaging professionals at first glance, you should keep in mind that using recyclable materials is already a solid idea in many packers’ minds and also at http://www.awesomepack.com.au/.

At the end

Like efficient packaging sizing, using recyclable materials may be a strategy that won’t need to be given as much attention in the future because of its use.