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What are the Most Common Workplace Accidents Reported in Philadelphia?

For most people, workplaces are a place of safety and comfort. However, for some, the workplace is considered to be a hazardous environment. In Philadelphia, the most common accidents reported in the workplace include slips and falls. These accidents can be caused by simple tasks such as walking across a wet floor or taking out the trash. Some other workplace accidents that were reported in Philadelphia last year included car crashes and fires.

Workplace accidents sometimes might take a huge toll on your personal as well as professional life. Therefore, it is essential to hire Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys at the onset of a workplace accident to protect your rights and ensure that you get the deserving compensation.

Each year, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health releases an annual summary of reported workplace injuries in Philadelphia to assist employers with preventing future accidents. After analyzing the data, they found that falls are by far the most common accident among employees – accounting for nearly 40 percent of all reported incidents. Slips, trips, and falls accounted for nearly 70 percent of all job-related injuries, while strains and overexertion were responsible for almost 26%.

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Let us now see what types of workplace accidents are most prevalent in Philadelphia.

  • Slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents occur when someone is unexpectedly made to lose their balance and falls to the ground. These accidents can happen because of wet floors, broken tiles, slippery surfaces, and worn-down flooring. If you’ve fallen due to these circumstances and need help obtaining compensation from the responsible party, contact an attorney to know your rights at the workplace.

  • Industrial accidents

The city of Philadelphia has seen an increase in industrial accidents. It is not only the process of production that places these individuals at risk but also the transport of goods. These accidents are often due to negligence or improper safety equipment. Statistics show that there has been a rise in industrial accidents in Philadelphia, with many being blamed for careless mistakes by employers and employees alike.

  • Explosions

Every day, thousands of people go to work with the hope of finishing their day with a smile on their faces. Unfortunately, for many individuals, that hope is never fulfilled. Explosions at workplaces in Philadelphia are unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence. However, with proper training and preparation, these tragedies can be avoided.

  • Chemical exposure

Philadelphia is home to some of the most dangerous industries in the world. One such industry is manufacturing, including chemical plants and other facilities that produce hazardous substances. A new study by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health revealed that workers in the city are at an increased risk for chemical exposure at work.