What You Must Know About the CFP Course Duration, Syllabus and Material?

The CFP or Certified Financial Planner course is a one year course that enables candidates to establish their careers in the field of wealth management and financial planning. In order to be eligible for the CFP certification examination, one must have passed 10+2 from any reputed institution/college or any examination equivalent to the same. Admission to CFP depends on the candidate’s performance in the entrance examination as well as round counselling. Here, find out more about the CFP course syllabus and CFP course material.

The CFP Certificate Course

The CFP course covers numerous disciplines related to the planning, directing, monitoring and organization as well as controlling of an enterprise’s financial resources. A candidate who opts for the CFP course finds plenty of career opportunities in leading financial companies. Additionally, it also provides them with an excellent base for pursuing higher studies. The Certificate course is very important in nature that opens many employment scopes for the candidates and also gives them the good base for further studies.

For instance, many candidates choose to attain higher degrees in their preferred subjects such as the Bachelor’s degree and more. Apart from this, one can also opt for a career in the banking & wealth management sector. Some candidates focus on acquiring a master’s degree after the CFP certificate course that further helps them in finding jobs as teachers in schools both government and private schools. After completing the course successfully, candidates gain financial management skills that enables them to reduce financial risks, conduct appropriate reviews as well as evaluations for finding opportunities to reduce cost, manage an enterprise’s financial accounting, reporting and monitoring systems.

CFP course duration and Fee

As far as the CFP course duration is concerned it is one year, although the time period may differ in different colleges in India.  On the other hand, the tuition fee for the course, on an average is anywhere between Rs.5000 to 10 lacs, for a period of one year. Candidates who pass the CFP certificate examination find jobs as research analyst, finance assistant, financial consultant, financial manager etc. with a salary ranging between Rs.2 lacs to 8 lacs on a per annum basis.

CFP course syllabus

The CFP course syllabus is designed to cover various topics that are provided in two different semesters. In the first semester, candidates are required to cover topics such as introduction to financial planning, risk analysis & insurance planning, retirement planning & employee benefits. On the other hand, the 2nd semester covers topics like investment planning, tax planning and estate planning and advanced financial planning. Candidates are also provided with CFP course material that comprises of CFP examination formulas, examination tables as well as sample examination questions.


To sum up, CFP course provides candidates with tremendous opportunities in premier wealth management firms, banking sector, investment consultancy companies, insurance and mutual fund companies. Apart from this, candidates can find attractive jobs as mutual fund advisors, wealth fund managers, financial product designers, retirement planning advisors, portfolio managers, risk analyst, financial advisors etc.