When can Lego Serious Play help you the most?

The lego magic catches the spirits of both children and adults. There are large and complicated sets that feature designs from the most popular movies, books, and comics. The dazzlingly colored sturdy plastic blocks can be assembled in infinite combinations limited by your vision and foresight. If this is not enough to get impressed, read on to know the many benefits of Lego serious play listed below.

Some of the most incredible Benefits of Lego Serious Play are

  • It improves concentration and focus
  • Increases spatial awareness
  • Encourages lateral thinking
  • Helps in creative problem-solving
  • Inspires adventure and experimentation
  • It teaches patience and organizational skills
  • It helps communicate better and work as a team 

So in what situations can lego serious play help you the most?

This technique is particularly beneficial when

  • The subject seems to be multifaceted and complex and there seems to be a requirement of grasping the larger picture, exploring options, finding potential solutions, and finding connections
  • It is crucial to accomplish decisions that everybody commits to. They must honor these decisions after the discussion even though they do not agree to it 100%
  • Asking every participant or team member similar questions yields considerable different answers
  • Everybody in the team has a stake or interest in the agenda
  • It is crucial that everybody in the team must participate in the meetings and contribute their opinions and knowledge
  • You wish to enhance team understanding avoiding frustration at the same time
  • You are inclined to using time more efficiently
  • There seem to be no apparent answers
  • You need to access new insights, thinking, and way of learning
  • You would like to haggle with complex and tough issues in the most constructive atmosphere
  • It is important that team members must speak their honest feelings without deterring anybody or getting intimidated
  • There is a catastrophe in which few participants tend to monopolize the meetings and you requires a break from the routine without hurting the feelings of anybody
  • There is a group that feels discussions tend to waste time
  • You wish to build a leveled playing field to discuss
  • Your discussions and meetings tend to direct more on messengers rather than messages
  • You wish to evade lack of endeavor or avoid excuses post the meeting
  • There is an obstacle that participants think they were unheard of or involved less in the meeting
  • You wish to make sure that all team members share a mutual reference frame and understanding

This methodology is most effective especially when there are multiple feasible right answers. When the establishment desires to impede all knowledge available across teams to not only get the best outcome but also get the most forceful possible commitment.