Why Several Accounting Firms Struggle Consistently and Fail to Succeed?

It is very surprising when an accounting firm fails. When thinking of an accounting firm, one would think they would excel financially because of their profession. Accounting firms know more about profit than most companies would, but sometimes they fail in their own domain. It is important for firms to know why they are failing in order to have a successful firm.


One reason that accounting firms fail is the increase in competition. There are big players that are entering the accounting industry. These larger companies are harder to compete with. This makes it difficult for smaller firms to get clients and hold on to those clients. The clients are going to go with a firm that is well known but also is affordable. Often times these larger firms can offer lower prices due to the demand they have. Small firms with higher fees will fall behind because they can not compete with competitors.

Demand for Services

The important part of any business is to have a high demand for their services. In recent years, clients have changed their view on accounting firms and are seeing their services as more of a commodity. This means that clients are seeing this as something they can interchange with other solutions companies are offering. When a business’s service becomes a commodity for their clients, they are going to be in trouble. Keeping the clients interested in their services is important. There has to be a need, for the client to want to continue doing business with the firm. This is when offering different services comes into play. Firms that have used the same services for years could benefit from reviewing their services and deciding if what they offer is a commodity or a need for clients.

Keeping Steady Revenue

Cash flow is obviously an important part of doing business. Without the cash flow, a business can fail simply because they do not have the funds to operate. Accounting firms seem like they would excel at this because it is their profession. However, many accounting firms fail to keep up with this. That is why fee financing is the best option right now. This type of financing allows for the company to get paid right away, even if the client must set up a payment plan. Here is how it works. The accounting firm will send their client the invoice that needs to be paid. The client would have the option to pay in full, or set up a payment plan. If the client decides to use a payment plan, the fee financing partner would pay the firm in full. The client will then pay their payments monthly to the fee financing partner. This is a great option for the client and the firm. It allows for the client to take their time paying off the balance, while the firm gets paid in full. It is a win for both parties. Having this payment option also helps bring in more clientele. Clients who may otherwise decide that using an accounting firm is a commodity, have the option to pay monthly. This makes the services more affordable to many clients. The firm gets the competitive edge on other companies. Having this service is great for the firm and the client.

Recruiting Agents

Recruiting is another area where accounting firms need to adjust their way of thinking. According to Accounting Today, too many firms are looking for the straight-A college student. While one would think that they are going to be the best worker, it has been observed that often times the B and C agents are the ones running the firms. Firms should give the B and C students more of a chance. This would bring more talent into the firm. Having talented agents in the firm creates leaders for the future of the firm. Talented agents bring more clients in, which in return helps with the revenue. Investing in talented agents now is a great investment for the future of the firm. Having talented agents come into the firm now creates a better team for the future of the firm.

Keeping your accounting firm from failing is becoming a difficult task. Looking at these reasons why they fail should give some insight on how to keep one consistently successful. Allowing clients to make payments is a great way to keep clients interested. This will help with the competition out there. As competition grows it is important to be able to compete with them. Growing the firm with talented agents will provide future leaders in the industry. Recruiting talented agents will also help with getting clients in the door. Using these strategies should help keep the firm stay afloat in an industry that is having some difficulty.