Does CRM for a small business make sense?

It is commonly believed that the implementation of complex business solutions, such as CRM system, is the domain of large companies or multinational corporations. And what about smaller players? Is there any sense in implementing technologically advanced solutions in small companies?

CRM is not only technology. First of all, it is the philosophy of doing business. Is the size of the company to be a factor determining the quality of activities conducted with customers?

When a small company has an idea to implement a CRM system, it is usually torpedoed even before it is well established. There are usually many reasons: “it’s not for us”, “too expensive”, “employees remember everything by themselves”, “we don’t have specialists” or simply “we don’t need it´. Sounds familiar?

CRM system is not an expense – it is an investment

Building close relationships with customers or creating positive experiences (Customer Experience) increases the chances of success not only for recognized brands, but for each – even the smallest – company. Yours too. It is thanks to the CRM system that effective management, efficient marketing and customer service are possible, and as a result, continuous sales growth and harmonious development of the business.

We will even be tempted to say that without a CRM system that will streamline many everyday tasks and will be a key element of a long-term strategy, micro-entrepreneurs or small companies will stay where they are now. And in today’s world, lack of progress is a regression.

Automation, i.e. efficiency and savings

Until recently, these doubts and fears of small companies could have been reflected in reality. The purchase of complex systems was connected not only with significant expenses, but also with laborious implementation and reorganization of work, as well as with the necessity of many hours of training for employees. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

Industry does not matter

And this is very good news. It doesn’t matter which industry you operate in, the CRM system will apply to it. Analysis of external and internal data, optimization of marketing, verification of employees’ activities, observation of industry trends, planning and control of the sales path, improvement of information flow within the organization, and even monitoring and customer service in social media – these are just a few examples of the conveniences and possibilities offered by the CRM system.

Have you received an answer to the title question? Decide for yourself. Certainly, the CRM system is a powerful tool in the hands of small companies whose dream is to constantly develop and change the world around them for the better.