home renovation loan

Give your home a new look with us by your side

Reconstructing your home and giving it a new vibrant look asks for investments both in the form of money and time. In the old home, when wants a makeover, financing is the first prerequisite we look up to. We often drop off our plans due to inefficient finances and other pending works that need attention. When everything is done, your home needs your time and attention; a new look fills up new energy and life in our homes.

Rise above the crunch

Financial crunches are a reason we keep our plans many times at bay. Do this because we have brought you a home renovation loan. You have a dream, and we are there to give its wings. Give your homes a contemporary design and convert them into a comfortable living space. Make your home makeover experience memorable with our affordable rate of interest.

Loans for all and all for loan

Our loans are available to all because everyone has the right to dream, and we have pledged to make every dream home come true.

  • Our loan facilities can only be enjoyed by those who are country citizens or should have permanent residency.
  • They must be the owner of the house they are planning to renovate – this applies to all property types, such as condominiums, apartments, HDB flats, or any residential space.
  • To fulfill the eligibility, the loan bearer should have an age range between 21-61 years.
  • The bearers must also fulfill the minimum annual income criteria.
  • You must have a good credit score above all to claim any loan.

home renovation loan

Let’s learn a little more

We ensure an easy documentation process. A few formalities need to be fulfilled before taking the loan. Therefore, you must keep these documents ready beforehand:

  • A copy of the front and back of the National Identity Card.
  • Your contribution to the Central Provident Fund and its statements in the last six months.
  • Your recent computerized pay slip.
  • Official quotation from the constructor.

The loan can be used for the following purposes

The renovation loans, like every other specific loan, are used only for renovation purposes. The borrower cannot use it for buying new furniture, linen, cupboards, and other interior décor items installed in the house. It can be used to lay new flooring, repair old and worn-out ceilings, and mend and replace old wires.

There are multiple options and types of loans to choose from, and it is dependent on you which bank is accessible to you more. Compare, analyze and then select the lender. Hopefully, this will help you know about the renovation loan rate.