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HR-IT Collaboration Is the Ticket to a Positive Employee Experience

If one thing bothers employees, it’s spending all day in front of a computer screen only to receive cryptic emails and voicemails that don’t provide any clarity. For example, if an HR representative emails or calls an employee asking how his health is coming along, the employee may need to figure out what to say, especially if they are taking time off. On the other side of the spectrum, when an HR rep contacts employees about sick days granted by their supervisor without prior notice or warning, this lack of insight often leaves employees feeling blindsided and unwelcome. But these miscommunications can be easily remedied by regularly integrating HR representatives with IT staff so that all communications are clear and accurate.


The proof is in the pudding. Recently, a regional HR executive was asked to look at additional benefits referrals and make suggestions. The executive realized that there were two ways to approach this project: 

HR, It's Time to Team Up with IT – Technology Signals

a) Use HR resources and spend time developing queries and new surveys that might or might not be used by employees with time and resources to respond.


b) Integrate IT resources and use their expertise for HR to get quick results from existing surveys.


The organization’s study revealed that employees are more likely to complete an existing survey than create one from scratch. This meant the majority of the organization’s employees had already expressed their desired outcome when expressed through current surveys. In other words, if employees needed additional benefits or referrals, HR could offer those services to employees.


Integrating the HR IT Collaboration staff will boost them to achieve their organization’s desired outcomes. They provide quick and easy access to employee data and communications and tools and services that can be leveraged by HR representatives who previously were struggling with these questions.


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The HR-IT Collaboration is the Ticket to a Positive Employee Experience. The requirement and use of various HR software and technologies have increased over the years. The need for HR staff to understand these technologies and how they can be used to offer services to employees who are using them is an essential aspect of IT support for any organization.