Strategic Branding Idea For Medical Staffing Agencies

Medical staffing agencies are in a tough business. In addition to all the standard competition, they have to compete with nurses and other medical professionals who can do the same work for less money (often freelancers). Many Street PR medical staffing agencies manage this risk by using creative and strategic branding ideas.


This post will show you three creative and strategic branding ideas that medical staffing agencies can use to carve out their niche market while still providing quality services. When coming up with these ideas, you want to keep two things in mind:


1. Consider your target audience. Think about your ideal client and what brand you want them to perceive you as. What do they want from a medical staffing agency? What image are they looking for?


2. Consider your “value proposition.” Remember, medical staffing agencies are in a tricky business. They face stiff competition from nurses and other medical professionals who can do the same work for less money (frequently, freelancers). Your value proposition is what makes your agency successful.


1. Unique Niche Markets: Go after specific markets that hospitals and other agencies aren’t targeting. For example, you could go after overseas clients or agencies working with disabled patients. The idea is to find a niche market that hasn’t been tapped yet and then get in before the big players enter the field. Sometimes this strategy works out great, like when Groupon started up or when Quicken came out with its financial management software. Other times it can fall flat, like with the recent failure of Leap Wireless.

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2. Fun and Friendly: The business world can be pretty serious and stressful. As a staffing agency, you want to make sure you lighten things up a bit and don’t come across as too strict or rigid. One way to accomplish this is by having fun and creative campaigns like “Staffer of the Month,” where one of your employees takes home some awards at the end of each month. In addition to being fun, it can also be a great way to keep morale high and boost employee engagement.


3. T-Shirts: In the medical field, there is nothing more important than your overall appearance. Even though hospitals and other agencies care about your services, they generally don’t care too much about your appearance. This is why you can sometimes get away with having a couple of T-Shirts on the wall for sale or for promotion. Be careful, many patients see these T-Shirts as “souvenirs” rather than as something that is helpful in their everyday lives.


4. Blog: Another great way to differentiate your agency from the competition is by blogging with helpful patient care tips. You can use this blog to promote healthy living, show off new staff members, and even talk about new holidays that are coming up. Not only will blogs help you create a unique brand, but they can also help you get SEO ranking for popular keywords, which can lead to more qualified patients.


5. Charm Offensive: This idea is best for agencies just starting out or that have been in business for a while but need new creative branding ideas. It helps if you already have strong connections with doctors and other important people in the industry because this idea works best at the start of a new campaign or initiative.